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The Skollie Jol is the place to be this Halloween. Colin Roopnarain asks the questions


WHAT TO DO THIS HALLOWEEN? Matt Wilson from the band Sibling Rivalry and The Car Boot Vendors tell us why the Skollie Jol is the party to be at. What is the Skollie Jol all about? It’s just a good honest, decent party.

How did the whole Skollie Jol begin?

A buddy of ours called Skollie got a job working behind the bar at The Winston Pub (Corner of Clark and Umbilo) and he liked to party. So he and a couple buddies decided to throw a party every Wednesday called Skollie Jol, which usually entailed drinking and pool competitio­ns, cheap beers and free popcorn. Since then Skollie has moved overseas, but every now and then we like to throw a party so that people can remember what a real jol is about.

Which are the bands playing at the party and what are they like?

The Car Boot Vendors play acoustic music with edge, Fruits and Veggies are a mash-up of punk, reggae, ska and rock. Bad Murphy are old school rock and roll and Screaming Doc Hansen is a oneman band playing rock and folk – very interestin­g. We also have DJ Paperboy (dub/reggae/ska) and DJ Creepy Steve, who plays 80s cheese like Tina Turner and Rick Astley, so there is a diverse array of music for anyone’s taste. No rave though. Who should come? Anyone and everyone. Bring your grannies – sorry, kids aren’t allowed because it’s a bar – but I really feel most people looking for a good time just after payday will find it at Skollie Jol, and don’t forget to dress up.

Your press release mentioned that Skollie juice will be on sale. What’s that?

That’s a secret blend to warm your heart. The guy or girl who dresses in the best Halloween costume wins a whole bottle.

Tell me more about the drinking competitio­n?

That’s simple. Down a beer with your left hand when you are given the signal by the judge, put the glass on your head when you’re finished and cluck like a chicken. The fastest wins and progresses to the next round. The loser pays for the beer. The winner stands a chance of getting his or her name on the famous Meaty One Trophy or Alex Cup (for the girls). Basically, if you’re good at drinking, you get drunk for free. Where, when, tickets, times etc? Okay. It’s at The Winston Pub (corner of Clark and Umbilo roads) on Wednesday, October 28 and it’s only R20 to get in, which includes the following: 8pm Screaming Doc Hansen, 9pm Bad Murphy, 10pm The Car Boot Vendors, 11pm Fruits and Veggies.

DJ Paperboy and DJ Creepy Steve will be playing in between, before and after the bands. There will also be free popcorn and sweets.

It’s a fancy dress party, so dress up, win a case of quarts in the pool contest or get drunk for free in the drinking competitio­n. Best dressed wins a bottle of Skollie Juice.

That’s R20 for four live acts and two DJs – can you get any cheaper? Anything you want to add? Bring your friends, leave your attitudes and egos at home.

 ??  ?? Matt Wilson – at Splashy Fenn.
Matt Wilson – at Splashy Fenn.

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