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When Venus gets you down …

- Mahesh Bang

I HAVE serious financial problems. The more I try to get out of debt, the more I seem to get into debt.

As a result, I cannot think or function properly.

My health is starting to suffer because I cannot afford the medication for my heart condition.

Please advise what is troubling me and what I need to do prayer-wise to overcome these hurdles. I fast on Saturdays and recite the Hanuman Chalisa. BR YOU are in a Venus period. Because the planet is in the second house and in Virgo in your birth chart, this period is 75 percent unfavourab­le for you and will cause financial and health problems until you turn 51.

To counter this, try to make Venus favour you by:

Being vegetarian four or five days a week and fasting every Friday.

Wearing a four-to fivecarat opal in a pendant or on the first finger of your right hand.

Praying more to your favourite deity and worshippin­g Maa Durga by chanting “Om Shree Durgaya Namati” 108 times. Read Durga Saptshat and Durga Kavach to please Mother Durga.

Chanting “Om” loudly for 11 minutes. The strong vibration will strengthen your heart and bring you inner peace. To do it properly, take a deep breath in and chant “Om” slowly while exhaling and facing East.

Chanting “Om” while sitting cross-legged on a carpet, the tips of your first fingers and both thumbs touching. The position is called “giyaan mudra”. It’s a good exercise for heart conditioni­ng.

Wearing five-face Rudraksh beads (the five natural lines represent the faces). They help control blood pressure and cholestero­l while strengthen­ing the heart, curbing anger and combating neg- ative emotions. But do not use fake Rudraksh – only those certified by a reputable company.

Eating garlic five or six times a week in curries. You can also chew raw garlic and drink water with it. In sum- mer, eat one or two pieces of garlic and in winter, three or four. This helps remove blood clots and lower cholestero­l.

Performing pranayama at least 15 minutes a day. Learn it from a qualified yoga instructor – it benefits overall health tremendous­ly.

Avoiding stress and trying to enjoy life. Happiness is a state of mind. By gaining spiritual knowledge, you feel more at peace.

Doing “light yoga” and 20-minute brisk walks daily.

Drinking a lot of water – at least two glasses when you get up, for starters.

Feeding nine young girls under 12 (before the onset of menses) on the ninth day of Navrathri after performing the proper rituals for Mother Durga.

Doing this any Friday at least twice a year.

Donating rice to a religious organisati­on according to your body weight on any Friday once a year.

Being respectful and loving your mother, sister, wife and daughter.

Lucky dates: 9, 18, 27; lucky colour: blue; lucky day: Wednesday; lucky stones: opal and blue sapphire; fasting days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays; Another favourable mantra: “Om Namah Shivaya.”

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