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Molefe back at Eskom


Rising Star Cave system reveals more treasure

AFRICA’S richest fossil hominin site has revealed more treasure. It’s been a year-and-a-half since scientists announced that a new hominin species, Homo naledi, had been discovered in the Rising Star Cave outside Johannesbu­rg.

They have establishe­d the age of the original naledi fossils. Homo naledi lived sometime between THERE has been widespread criticism of Brian Molefe’s return to Eskom as chief executive. Molefe resigned last year from the power utility following the Public Protector’s report which questioned his involvemen­t with the Guptas. After he joined Parliament, he was tipped to become the finance minister but the job was given to Malusi Gigaba.

The DA is preparing to file a court applicatio­n for a review of Molefe’s return on Monday, James Selfe, chairperso­n of the opposition party’s Federal Executive said yesterday.

See Page 7 236 000 and 335 000 years ago, making it relatively young.

They’ve also announced the discovery of a second chamber in the cave system, which contained additional specimens. These include a child and an adult male. They have named the skeleton, “Neo” – a Sesotho word meaning “a gift”. See Page 8

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