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Japan’s defence


TOKYO: Japan is leaning towards choosing the Aegis Ashore missile-defence system over another advanced system called Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (Thaad), government and ruling party sources said.

Faced with North Korea’s rapid missile and nuclear developmen­t, and its threats, Japan has been looking into introducin­g a new missiledef­ence layer – either the Thaad or the Aegis Ashore.

The government favours Aegis as it comes with a wider coverage area, which would mean fewer units needed to protect Japan, and is cheaper sources said. – Reuters

Clashes in Syria

BEIRUT: Syrian opposition activists and media said Kurdish-led forces were closing in on the de-facto capital of Islamic State in Syria, seizing a cotton factory 4km outside the city yesterday.

The Syrian Observator­y for Human Rights said the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, backed by airstrikes from the Us-led coalition, were on a multiprong­ed offensive, clashing with militants near Raqqa.

The Kurdish-led forces said on Friday they expected to advance on the city soon. – AP

‘Green Africa’

LONDON: Tackling climate change in Africa could help resolve multiple problems ravaging the continent, from drought to refugees and violence, the new head of the AU said on Friday.

The mix of global warming with economic woes and political conflicts kept peace from taking hold, said Moussa Faki Mahamat in London.

“There is a link between climate change and prosperity, as well as peace, on the continent. Africa is among the least polluting continents and yet it is the continent that suffers most.” – Reuters

Protect users’ data

LONDON: British Prime Minister Theresa May pledged to create new powers allowing her to punish social media and communicat­ions companies that fail to look after users’ data, and to demand cash from firms to pay for policing the internet.

The election pledge comes after firms like Facebook and Twitter have been criticised by the government for not doing enough to stop the spread of extremist content online or help victims of abuse. – Reuters

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