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If he is not on stage as the fabulously OTT Beauty Ramapelepe­le, Ben Voss takes on other roles, like his latest one: Mamba Republic, alongside his comedic partner and Spud author, John van de Ruit. No stranger to Durban’s audiences, Voss will be taking to


BEST place for a first date in the city: Depends on the lady. Well heeled, Durban Girls College and UCT graduate trust fund baby – The Oyster Box. Adventurou­s go-getter with a spice for life – Shisa Nyama at Sbu’s Lounge in Inanda.

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive in Durban? Adjust my nuts after the cramped seating on Mango and then drive the M13 listening to Bob Dylan and gazing at the sea.

Best meal you’ve had in Durban, that’s not at home? Because we talking Durban, and food for me is an experience, I’m going to go with a boneless mutton bunny with the works at Britannia Hotel.

What current local song can’t you stop listening to? Cold Shoulder by Locnville.

What’s the last South African movie you watched? The rough edit of Beyond the River, which I am in, and just came out on circuit.

Earliest memory of Durban? Running up Smith Street with my best mate after dancing for six hours solid at Sand Pebbles until three in the morning. I was 16.

If you were mayor for the day, what would you do? I would put all my focus into a litter drive. It is something we could do in one day if every citizen chipped in.

Your favourite hangout spot in Durban? Jameson Park with my dogs and daughter, Scarlett.

The best kept secret in the city? Isipingo Hotel’s prawn curry.

Best place to let your hair down? Origin Nightclub on a rewind night. Also Martin (the rubber armed proprietor) lets me in free because I drink my weight in tequila.

Who do you call when you want to have fun and where in the city do you go? I have a very close group of friends with kids the same age as Scarlett. The Spur near Riverside has seen many a raucous Friday afternoon jol. Our kid eventually drags us out of there hours after her bedtime.

Three shops you rely on? Builders Express for bits and bobs, the Twisp shop in Musgrave and good ol’ Checkers.

The best dressed person is… Laurie Holmes

Favourite Durban shop to shop? Holmes Brothers for clothing

Favourite theme park? ushaka Marine World’s water park.

Which is your favourite market or mall in South Africa? I don’t dig malls at all. I can do the odd market: for that I’d say The Morning Trade. Which building in Durban would you like to own? The SARS building in town. Would be nice to have a little leverage with those guys. Which building would you like to be locked in overnight? The penthouse at The Oyster Box would probably suffice. What’s the one thing people need to stop doing in Durban? Littering. Where is the best view of Durban? From my balcony. Best place for a nightcap? Spiga on Florida Road. What’s the one thing that differenti­ates Durban from other cities in SA? Durban is a true creative breeding ground. It inspires and nurtures creativity because it balances, leaving you with space to create and demanding of you to produce results. Johannesbu­rg only demands, Cape Town is arrogant, Port Elizabeth is too small and where is Bloem again?

Where would you suggest first time visitors to the city go, to get the best experience? The beachfront for sure. On balance it is the best reflection of the beauty of Durban and its people.

What do you do on a Sunday morning? I am not one who has any routine but a coffee in Mitchell Park is always top notch on a balmy Durban Sunday.

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