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School says its name ‘tarnished’ by pupil’s claims


THE principal of Apollo Secondary has hit back at his accuser and complained that the article published in the Sunday Tribune Herald last week, about a pupil allegedly treated unfairly, had harmed the school’s reputation.

The 17-year-old pupil claimed that a teacher at Apollo Secondary in Chatsworth refused to mark his English assignment­s last year, and he failed the subject.

He said he returned to school to repeat Grade 10, but was treated badly by the teachers because he had asked the Department of Education and the public protector to intervene.

However, Apollo’s principal, Selvan Moodley, said teachers at his Chatsworth school strove to help pupils in every respect, especially in curriculum and exam assessment.

“The pupil in question was certainly no exception. Contrary to his statements, every one of his English assessment tasks was marked.

“This is clearly reflected in his portfolio and a spreadshee­t, which contains a comprehens­ive history of the year’s assessment­s.

“Not a single zero is indicated for any assessment. Furthermor­e, his examinatio­n scripts were re-marked by another teacher and, later, by the English subject adviser.”

Moodley said in neither remark had the results changed. He added that the English teacher in question was vastly experience­d, highly competent and a senior marker at national senior certificat­e level.

All the necessary informatio­n was made available to the parent and to various education and public protector officials who intervened, but the evidence clearly demonstrat­ed that the pupil had performed dismally in the final exams.

“Victimisat­ion of pupils would never be accepted at Apollo, where we cherish the ideals of providing quality education in an environmen­t free of discrimina­tion,” said Moodley.

But the pupil was adamant he had been victimised and would never return to the school. He said he was willing to start again from Grade R if it meant getting an education, adding he got no marking schedule and could not understand how the school had failed him.

KZN Department of Education spokespers­on, Sihle Mlotshwa, said he was awaiting a report from the district on the issue.

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