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Selfless service brought them together


HOW WE MET YASHODA and I met through our Sai organisati­on. Through our joint affinity for Seva (selfless service), we found ourselves spending more time on common projects, and from friendship a relationsh­ip blossomed. THE PROPOSAL & MARRIAGE

We had a traditiona­l engagement in April 2015 at Coastlands Musgrave which was attended by 100 of our closest family and friends.

Once we had achieved our collective short-term goal, we were ready for marriage, almost two years later.

We had an early Sunday morning wedding ceremony, which was a fusion of traditiona­l rituals in a modern setting.

Five hundred guests witnessed our eagerly awaited big day. WEDDING BLACK BOOK

Bride’s outfit: Groom’s outfit:

Verulam. Pothys, India. Mr Executive,

Hair & make up:

Bridal Moments – Theshan Naicker. Photograph­y & Videograph­y: Helen of Motionpix Production House.

Cameron & Chantal of Lifestyle Décor. Floral décor: Kogie and Thasie of Kogie’s Florist. Lighting: Bilal of Azam Khan Lighting. MC: Logasen Moodley of Logasen Moodley Dance Company.

Original Raj Mohamed. Sasha of Sugar Coated Cakes. Samalan Sarugaser.

Subhash of The Sound Factor and Sash of Acoustic Avenue.

Hall and stage décor: Catering: Cake: Priest: Sound and projection:


Filling 500 sweet boxes. Timing is everything, early morning weddings are no easy feat, especially with celebratio­ns leading up to the day – just delegate and get some sleep, and gifts with no names are a no-no. VIEWS ON LOVE AND MARRIAGE

Put God first. Be happy. Keep being friends. Find your rhythm to being a cohesive team. If you are thinking of one another then you will always be taken care of.

Set out your wishes clearly, be transparen­t, help each other achieve personal goals, have unplanned date nights, stay committed to the vow that you have taken, laugh.

Show affection, just holding hands will take you back to the first time you nervously reached out.

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