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Pursuing careers in Bollywood and pre-primary child care


I AM a junior artist in Bollywood and I’ve struggled to get the recognitio­n I desired during my career. I have an 18-year-old son who I want to do acting courses so he can fulfil my dream. But I’m mindful that the courses are expensive. Should he try to pursue a career in Bollywood or not? SB MALAVYA yoga is formed by Venus in a horoscope and it is considered one of the more special yogas in vedic astrology called Panch Mahapurush­a Yogas (greatest yoga). Depending on the strength of this yoga in the horoscope, as well as its tone of the Malavya, yoga could bring a person many blessings.

Venus is considered the planet associated with women, beauty, diplomacy, trade, luxuries, love life, comforts, creativity, arts and many other good things, according to Vedic astrology.

Individual­s experienci­ng the strong influence of Malavya yoga usually possess a charming and magnetic personalit­y, which attracts people very easily. Such people usually become successful


in profession­al fields like modelling, cinema, movies and others, where beauty and charm are important characteri­stics

You son’s horoscope shows that this yoga is present for three reasons:

Venus is situated in first house (lagan), the most powerful house.

Second, his ascendant is Pisces (Meen lagan),venus’s happiest sign.

The planet Jupiter is aspecting the first house. It makes lagan stronger and in vedic astrology it’s understood that whenever this happens Jupiter is looking to shower nectar.

So you can spend money on his acting courses – it is worthwhile.

MY daughter seems to have an ongoing problem with finding a job, in spite of getting positive feedback from prospectiv­e employers. She has acquired a diploma in preprimary education and child care and is on the verge of completing her degree in the same field. MG

YOUR daughter is a lucky person. She should continue her courses in the same field because she will do very well in good time. Saturn moving into the Sagittariu­s sign presently is not favourable for her. However, when Saturn moves into another sign, she will land a permanent job. Also she must be cautious while driving and over her health as she is more susceptibl­e to stomach-related ailments. Your daughter must please Saturn to cause the door of fortune to open sooner by doing the following:

Read Shree Hanuman Chalisa daily.

Read the Sunderkand every Saturday.

Chant Om Namah Shivaya 30 minutes daily.

Keep a fast every Saturday, until 2019.

Follow a vegetarian diet for 108 days, every year, over the next three years and read the Sunderkand on those days.

Eat vegetables only on every full moon.

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