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Xpand their foodie brand


In that category are healthy choices like Thai Love Curry with basmati rice, dairy-, eggand gluten-free, with no added preservati­ves or colourants. The Chilliplum sauces, such as Green Goddess salsa and balsamic mustard dressing, also have the same “free-from” label.

For the sweeter tooth, they have come up with a range of homestyle cakes, dairy-free ice cream in vanilla, chocolate and mixed berry flavours.

“The aim of our new lines,” says Rob, “is to produce readymade food that has 100% natural plant-based ingredient­s with no added colourants or preservati­ves.”

It has meant the establishm­ent of a mini-factory to ensure that when the orders come in, they can meet the demand.

It also means that new plans may have to be made for their popular restaurant.

“But that is a bit down the road,” says Ursula. “We would love to remain in the restaurant business, but we will just have to see how things pan out.”

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