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Mom’s murder trial set for June


TWO men accused of killing retired deputy school principal, Premla Moodliar, will stand trial in the Durban High Court next month.

Moodliar, 72, was found in May last year bound and gagged in the penthouse at Thanamdaya Mansion, a block of flats she owned in Overport.

This week, Bhekokwakh­e Penuel Magubane, 37, and Mandlakayi­se Bapheni Gumede, 34, appeared before magistrate Vanitha Armu in the Durban Magistrate’s Court where they were indicted to the high court.

They are facing charges of murder and robbery with aggravatin­g circumstan­ces.

It is alleged they unlawfully and intentiona­lly assaulted Moodliar and by intentiona­lly using force and violence, stole jewellery.

According to the indictment, read by prosecutor Calvin Govender,

Gumede lived on the same premises as Moodliar and worked as a general cleaner.

He would often frequent her home and assist her when needed.

Moodliar, who also ran the family’s spice business in the Victoria Street

Market, lived alone.

She was a sickly person who needed the services of an evening care giver to assist her.

Sometime prior to the incident, it is alleged Gumede decided and conspired to rob and kill the deceased.

“Gumede informed Magubane of the security arrangemen­ts and set up of Moodliar’s home,” read the indictment.

According to previous media reports, Moodliar’s body was found by a handyman who worked at the building on Moses Kotane (formerly Sparks) Road.

He noticed the gate and door to Moodliar’s dwelling were open and she was lying on the floor.

Following the murder, Moodliar's Uk-based daughter Seshni Moodliarre­nsburg wrote to President Cyril Ramaphosa and to the police minister, seeking their interventi­on as she believed the police had not acted thoroughly when investigat­ing her mother’s murder.

 ??  ?? PREMLA Moodliar with Seshni Moodliarre­nsburg, one of her four daughters.
PREMLA Moodliar with Seshni Moodliarre­nsburg, one of her four daughters.

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