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Love, marriage don’t add up


A GROOM from Uttar Pradesh, in India, could have never imagined that flunking a simple “maths test” would make his marriage plans go awry.

The groom, all decked up, reached the wedding hall last Saturday evening with his wedding procession. The bride, who was suspicious of his educationa­l qualificat­ions, asked him to recite the two times table before the garlands could be exchanged.

The groom, from Dhawar village of Mahoba district, failed to recite the table and the arranged marriage was called off.

Members of the two families and several villagers had gathered at the marriage venue. Just as the wedding was about to be solemnised, the bride walked out of the mandap, saying she could not marry a person who did not know the basics of maths.

The bride’s cousin said they were shocked to discover the groom was uneducated. “The groom's family had kept us in the dark about his education. He may not have even gone to school. The groom’s family had cheated us. But my brave sister walked out without fearing social taboo.”

The police did not lodge a case after both parties struck a compromise on the interventi­on of prominent citizens of the village. The deal entailed that the bride and groom’s families return gifts and jewellery. |

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