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Eid guidelines issued to India’s Muslims


GUIDELINES relating to the last few days of Ramadaan and the Eid prayers amid the partial or total lockdown across India have been issued to Muslims.

“In the current situation, the government regulation­s regarding the performanc­e of prayers in mosques should be adhered to. Wherever there is permission by the local authoritie­s to offer congregati­onal prayers, one should pray as usual using masks and maintainin­g social distance,” said the Jamaat-e-islami Hind’s Shariah Council’s secretary Maulana Raziul Islam Nadvi.

Muslims were also advised to avoid crowding the bazaars for shopping in the last days of Ramadaan. “On the day of Eid, new or old clean clothes, whatever is available, should be adorned and one should express gratefulne­ss to Allah,” the council said.

As per the Shariah Council’s guidelines, the Eid-ul-fitr prayers should be offered in Eidgahs, Jama Masjids and the local masjids, depending on the number of people permitted under the present circumstan­ces.

“Masks should be used as a precaution­ary measure and social distancing should be maintained,” it said.

Shaking hands and hugging after Eid prayers is not mandatory.

It asserted one of the most important acts of Ramadaan is the payment of Sadqah-al-fitr (charity to poor before the Eid prayer). It is obligatory on every Muslim to pay it in the last days of Ramadaan on behalf of themselves and their family.

The Shariah Council also instructed Muslims to avoid going around to meet and greet people on the day of Eid. “Please remember the poor, the needy on the day of Eid along with Muslim prisoners and their relatives.

“We must ensure that in all our acts of worship and Islamic rituals, our actions do not endanger the lives of human beings,” it said. |

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