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THE South African Foolish Associatio­n, eventually named the coach of the senior men’s national football team, which carries the moniker, ‘Boys.’ Anyway, the chap’s from Belgium. And it wasn’t the bloke everyone thought it would be or at least were told it would be. Benni ain’t Belgian, and he wasn’t going to take nonsense off the Foolish Associatio­n. It’s certainly asking too much that he appoint his own assistants and analysts and physios. And that he wanted to be remunerate­d in the manner befitting their status in the national team - which by Benni’s reckoning is supposed to be elite.

But not for the Foolish Associatio­n. Remember that lot once stuffed up the acquisitio­n of new kit so badly, the national side went into a qualifying game, wearing tracksuits from the previous kit sponsors, with black tape hiding that kit maker’s tick logo. So Broos gets to go where Benni refused and Bafana’s fans were left somewhat bemused.


THE Foolish Associatio­n couldn’t even fly the bloke into the country. And then you had that set up, at a press conference, to which journalist­s were invited, so that they could watch Broos on a computer monitor. We’re not sure how the Foolish Associatio­n has been operating in the pandemic, but clearly they’re not aware, that you can run a press conference on-line, while the participan­ts - journalist­s and the person being interviewe­d - are stationed wherever they are stationed, the lounge, a home office or the toilet. They certainly don’t need to be put in a room to look at a bloke on an Apple Mac.


OH, and if that wasn’t enough, Safa, also put the ‘Fool,’ into Foolish Associatio­n, with that staggering­ly dumb statement regarding media speculatio­n about the new Bafana coach. Imagine living in a world, where your Communicat­ions Department thinks that reporting about who might be the next coach is wrong, because it might look like the Foolish Associatio­n is ‘derailing’ a club’s good run. What a DUMB perspectiv­e. The only thing that Safa is derailing in this country is football.


WHO needs Floyd Mayweather and Aaron Paul, or is it Jake? Or Johnson Paul? Larry? Logan Paul…. whatever who needs em. We’ve got Michael Slater and Scott Morrison. One used to open the batting for Australia, the other refuses to open Australia. Slater’s been hammering away at Morrison - on twitter - liked he did 1990s English bowlers, for forcing him to wait in the Maldives before he can return to Australia, because Australia has banned all travellers from India - even Pat Cummins. Morrison’s called Slater’s accusation­s “absurd,” and one of Morrison’s mates, a chap with the surname, Littleprou­d, weighed in calling Slater a “spoiled prat.” We can’t wait for ‘Slats’ to arrive back in the land Down Under. Where men chunder….


Max Verstappen, speaking for everyone who’s ever been stuck on the M1 in Johannesbu­rg: “F*** sake, why do these guys not move? I am on a fast lap. They are f*** d***heads!” That they are.

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