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Kaley Cuoco proves her acting chops in ‘The Flight Attendant’


OKAY, so I have to admit. When I learned that Kaley Cuoco was in The Flight Attendant, I didn’t pay much attention.

Thanks to 8 Simple Rules and The Big Bang Theory, the 35-year-old actress cultivated a reputation for playing the hot but simple-minded blonde bombshell.

She’s done several films as well. But if you had to ask me to name one – just one – I wouldn’t be able to do so.

Now that is no reflection of her skills as an actress. I’m merely pointing out that her roles were simply not that memorable.

But in Hollywood, this is a sort of rite of passage. Right now, there’s no denying that Cuoco is making all the right moves in the industry, especially with The Flight Attendant, which has been given the green light for a second season.

Aside from helming the series as Cassie Bowden, she also wears the hat of an executive producer.

The thrilling dramedy is based on Chris Bohjalian’s novel of the same title.

Episode one planted the seeds of mayhem after introducin­g key characters.

Cassie is an American flight attendant with a penchant for rescuing animals. She is a bit of a party animal. She is known for boozing it up and enjoying one night stands.

But her debauched lifestyle takes an unexpected turn when she succumbs to the charms of a dashing passenger – Alex Sokolov (Michiel Huisman). In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, the Dutch actor has starred in World War Z, The Age of Adaline, Game of Thrones as well as The Haunting of Hill House, to explain his star clout.

The chemistry between Cassie and Alex made an impression on the entire crew on the flight to Bangkok.

This is where things go pearshaped.

Cassie wakes up next to Alex. She’s hungover and not quite sure about the night’s events. When she tries to get Alex to fill in the blanks she finds him dead, his throat had been slit and she has blood on her hands.

Panic understand­ably sets in as she starts to recall playful conversati­ons with her bestie Annie Mouradian (Zosia Mamet), who is also kickass lawyer, on how horrific it would be to be behind bars in a foreign country.

Freaked out by the turn of events, Cassie decides to return to duty the next day and head home to the US.

Of course, she can’t stop thinking of Alex and her flashbacks to his lifeless body haunt her.

As time passes on, she becomes even more unhinged by the situation and it isn’t helped when FBI agents Van and Kim show up just after they land to question the crew.

Cassie is a nervous wreck ahead of the interview and tries to make a getaway before the interview, which doesn’t look good for her.

That’s the great thing about this series. It unfolds like one of those big-screen espionage thrillers where someone is framed for murder and has to take drastic measures to prove their innocence.

Cuoco is truly fantastic in this role. Playing a party girl comes naturally to the actress. But this time, we also get to see a serious side.

She transforms from this carefree, sexy flight attendant to a paranoid, fearful mess. But then, the chain of events also unearths a tenacious side and her fighting spirit comes to the fore.

The cat-and-mouse chase in The Flight Attendant will leave viewers on the edge of their seat. Also, I love how the writers drop bombshells in every episode.

Overall, this gripping series sees Cuoco prove her acting chops.

All I can say is that it is about time and good on her for finally ditching those vacuous clichéd roles.

● The Flight Attendant airs on M-net (Dstv channel 101) on Mondays at 9.30pm.

 ??  ?? MICHIEL Huisman with Kaley Cuoco in a scene from the series.
MICHIEL Huisman with Kaley Cuoco in a scene from the series.
 ??  ?? KALEY Cuoco as Cassie Bowden in The Flight Attendant.
KALEY Cuoco as Cassie Bowden in The Flight Attendant.
 ??  ?? ROSIE Perez with Kaley Cuoco.
ROSIE Perez with Kaley Cuoco.

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