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Across: 1 Name a passerine insectivor­ous bird, usually black with a long forked tail (6)

8 Who wrote the poem “Waltzing Matilda” in 1895, Andrew Barton ... (8)

9 Name a chess piece which moves obliquely on squares of the same colour (6)

10 What do the US people call a locomotive driver (8)

11 Name a person who once took care of horses, especially at an inn (6)

13 The leaves of which tree are eaten by silkworms (8)

16 What are the young of geese called (8)

19 Name a vast, nearly level, treeless plain of the arctic regions (6)

22 What is an amusement show, especially one erected temporaril­y (8)

24 Which annual Christian festival commemorat­es the resurrecti­on of Jesus Christ (6)

25 What is another term for haloes (8)

26 Which form of address was used for a registered nurse (6)

Down: 2 What do we call the remains of a fallen building, etc (5)

3 Which word describes a thing of no value (5) 4 Name the Australian cyclist and politician, Sir Hubert ... (8)

5 What is an adult male deer (4)

6 Name a non-reigning male member of a royal family (6)

7 What, broadly is a peeping Tom (6)

12 What are facial muscular twitches called (4) 14 To have no inclinatio­n towards, or interest in anything, is to feel how (8)

15 Name the thick and firm covering of cheeses and bacon, etc. (4)

17 To be impenetrab­le to light is to be what (6) 18 Name a small surgical knife (6)

20 Through which organs do we breathe or smell (5)

21 In history, what was a person of high rank representi­ng the crown (5)

23 Name the unit of electromot­ive force (4)

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