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Attempted murder charge laid against top exec

Accusation­s of severe assault as finger pointed at prominent business figure


A TOP businesswo­man is facing an attempted murder charge after she allegedly beat and severely injured another woman.

Manana Nhlanhla, 68, who serves as a board member of various companies, appeared at Camperdown Magistrate’s Court on an attempted murder charge she allegedly committed in July last year.

She was said to have attacked Nondalo Mhlongo, 50, with a wine decanter at her business partner’s house in Drummond, near Hillcrest, Durban.

The Sunday Tribune understand­s that the man and Nhlanhla are directors at a Botha’s Hill investment company.

Mhlongo had injuries on her arm which required several operations.

According to Mhlongo, a divorcée, she visited the man in Drummond when Nhlanhla attacked her, accusing her of having an affair with him. She said she knew the business partner.

Asked about her relationsh­ip with the man in question, she revealed that they were a couple before she married.

She said that when she divorced he started contacting her but they were not dating.

Mhlongo said she visited the man with her other business associates when Nhlanhla came in and attacked her.

“She just came while we were seated and attacked me, she intended to hit me in the head with a wine decanter, I used the arm to shield my head.

“He just stood and watched while she was attacking me, I would have died if it was not for the other lady I had come with.

“She accused me of having an affair with the man. My understand­ing was that they were business partners. I was rushed to Hillcrest hospital where I was treated for my injuries,” she recalled.

Mhlongo, a mother of two, initially opened an assault case at the Inchanga police station a day after her attack.

The National Prosecutin­g Authority decided Nhlanhla must be prosecuted for attempted murder in February.

In the letter informing both parties, the Director of Public Prosecutio­n (DPP) in Kwazulu-natal said after having sight of the content of the dockets, Nhlanhla must be prosecuted for attempted murder.

“I now had sight of the content of the docket, which includes further evidence that has been obtained as a result of further investigat­ion that was requested by my office.

I have decided that Manana Nhlanhla be prosecuted in the regional court on a charge of attempted murder,” said the letter, by Elaine Zungu, DPP KZN office.

This week the case was back in court for a pre-trial hearing.

The matter was postponed until Friday for the State to lead its witnesses and finalise its case.

Mhlongo, who is self-employed, said she wanted justice to prevail as she has suffered for over a year due to injuries.

She had not recovered and was due to have another operation, and had not been able to work.

“I have left everything in God’s hand because even today I don’t understand why she hated me this much. My life has changed – I have to raise funds to consult specialist­s, this has affected me psychologi­cally and financiall­y.

The injuries were so severe that they required treatment from a hand therapist and surgery. I’m living in fear because of her power and influence. I have been praying for justice because of the things she has been saying to get away with it,“said Mhlongo.

Nhlanhla has denied Mhlongo’s allegation­s.

In her answering affidavit, she said she had eaten lunch with the man that day but left and went to her son’s house. She said Mhlongo and her friend who was present had been drinking wine with the man during the day.

“I have discussed the the allegation­s against me with the man, he has no recollecti­on of Mhlongo being hurt or any altercatio­ns, such as the one she describes.

“Although the man has no recollecti­on of the evening in question and I was not present, we have obviously tried to establish what happened that night. We reviewed the CCTV security footage from the evening in question, and spoke with all the witnesses who were present,” she said.

“The footage confirmed I did not return to the property after I left just before 4pm to go to my son’s house. I know that I did not assault the applicant, however, from my discussion with the witnesses

“I do not believe that Mhlongo was assaulted. I have no idea how, where and when she was injured,” she said.

Nhlanhla said if she assaulted Mhlongo, she would have sustained injuries.

“If I had assaulted the applicant as alleged (with a decanter) I would surely have injured my own hands in the process and secondly that I am a 68-year-old woman who could not have overpowere­d Mhlongo to that extent even with a broken wine decanter as a weapon in full view of two grown adults who apparently did nothing to hold me back or intervene at all,” read the affidavit.

Speaking to the Sunday Tribune last night, Nhlanhla said that there was more to the story.

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 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Wounds to Mhlongo’s wrist and arm.
Wounds to Mhlongo’s wrist and arm.
 ?? ?? Nondalo Mhlongo, 50.
Nondalo Mhlongo, 50.
 ?? ?? Manana Nhlanhla, 68.
Manana Nhlanhla, 68.

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