May the aus­pi­cious oc­ca­sion of Eid bless you with peace and bring joy and hap­pi­ness to your heart and home. Chilli Choco­late Chefs wish you and your loved ones Eid Mubarak – Zainab and Faa­timah Paruk

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2 cups boil­ing wa­ter 1 te­abag

½ cup sugar

3 cups pome­gran­ate juice 1 or­ange (cut into rings) 1 cup or­ange juice 1 lemon (cut into rings) 1 ap­ple (cut into rings)


1. Pour boil­ing wa­ter over teabags.

2. Re­move teabags, stir in sugar.

3. Mix tea, juice and fruit.

4. Op­tional: top with Sprite or soda wa­ter.

Serve chilled. MUGHALI CHICKEN


2kg chicken breast 1 cin­na­mon stick 3 onions, minced 3 cloves gar­lic, crushed 10ml gin­ger, grated

60g ghee

3 whole elaichi (car­da­mon)


1 tbp chilli pow­der

2 tsp cumin pow­der 2 tsp turmeric

1 tsp black pep­per, coarsely ground

2 tsp garam masala 4 cloves

¼ cup lemon juice 500ml fresh cream Toasted flaked al­monds


1. Heat the ghee in a large saucepan, add onions and cin­na­mon stick and fry gen­tly un­til golden.

2. Stir in the chilli pow­der, cumin, turmeric, gin­ger, pep­per, cloves, elaichi and fry gen­tly for 2 min­utes.

3. Add the chicken pieces and stir to coat.

4. Pour in half a cup of wa­ter. Cover and sim­mer gen­tly for 2 min­utes.

5. While the chicken is cook­ing, sour the fresh cream with the lemon juice.

6. When cook­ing time is up, pour in the soured cream, garam masala and sea­son with salt.

7. Cook for an­other 5 min­utes to blend the flavours.

8. Gar­nish with flaked al­monds.

9. Serve with bas­mati rice (op­tional). BOM­BAY BREYANI


½ kg chicken fil­let, cut into big cubes.

1 tsp gin­ger gar­lic paste. 1 tsp red chilli pow­der. 1 cup yo­ghurt.

Hand­ful of dha­nia (co­rian­der), chopped. 1 onion, thinly sliced. 1 cup ghee.

Hand­ful of fresh mint, chopped.

2 car­damom.

Juice of 1 lemon. 3 pep­per­corns.

2 green chilies, chopped. 2 cups white rice, boiled in salted wa­ter.

½ cup milk mixed with yel­low colouring.

Salt to taste.


1. Mar­i­nate chicken with gin­ger gar­lic, chilli pow­der, yo­ghurt for 30 min­utes.

2. Cook on low heat till the wa­ter dries up and add chopped dha­nia.

3. Fry the onions in ghee till golden brown, add the mint leaves, car­damom, lemon juice, pep­per­corns and green chill­ies.

4. Use a flat pot and layer rice, cooked chicken, onion wa­gaar (crispy fried onions).

5. Cover with rice.

6. Pour over the milk and cover with foil.

7. Steam in oven till dry. 8. Fluff up the rice and serve with salsa and yo­ghurt. CHOCO­LATE CRÈME BRÛLÉE


4 egg yolks

40g cas­tor sugar 350ml fresh cream ½ tsp vanilla essence 4 tsp co­coa pow­der 4 tsp brown sugar


1. Place the egg yolks in a large bowl with the cas­tor sugar and vanilla essence, and whisk un­til com­bined.

2. Pour the cream into a saucepan and bring to boil.

3. As it is heat­ing, whisk in the co­coa pow­der un­til the cream is just about to boil.

4. Re­move from heat and slowly pour into the bowl with the egg mix­ture, whisk­ing con­tin­u­ously.

5. Pour the egg and cream mix­ture into a saucepan on a low heat.

6. Cook this cus­tard, stir­ring con­stantly for a few min­utes or un­til it thick­ens. (Stir with a whisk first, then when it be­gins to thicken, use a wooden spoon)

7. When the cus­tard is al­most boil­ing, re­move im­me­di­ately from the heat.

8. Pour the mix­ture into ramekins, al­low to cool and place in the fridge to chill for at least an hour.

To serve

1. Sprin­kle 1 tsp brown sugar over each crème brûlée spread­ing it out evenly.

2. Caramelise the sugar us­ing a blow torch.

3. Set aside for a few min­utes to al­low the caramel to cool and set.

From left, Choco­late Crème Brûlée, Mughali Chicken and Bom­bay Breyani.

Sis­ters Zainab and Faa­timah Paruk of Chilli Choco­late Chefs share some of the de­lec­ta­ble recipes that will be on their Eid menu this year.

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