Hin­dus ob­serve holi­est month

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AC­CORD­ING to Hin­duism, Kar­tik is the holi­est month on its lu­nar cal­en­dar. It is de­scribed in the scrip­tures as the best among months for per­form­ing aus­ter­i­ties.

Lord Shri Kr­ishna says: “Of all plants, the sa­cred Tulsi is most dear to me; of all months, Kar­tik is most dear; of all places of pil­grim­age, My beloved Dwarka is most dear; and of all days, Ekadashi is most dear.” (Padma Pu­rana, Ut­tara Khand 112.3).

Kar­tik, or the fes­ti­val of of­fer­ing lamps to Lord Kr­ishna, glo­ri­fies Lord Kr­ishna’s pas­time of be­ing bound with ropes by Mother Yashoda.

Ob­serv­ing vrata (fast) in the month of Kar­tik is glo­ri­fied in the Pu­ranas.

This fast (vrata) be­gan from Sharad Purn­ima this year and ends on Novem­ber 23.

One may ob­serve the fol­low­ing ac­tiv­i­ties through­out the month of Kar­tik:

Japa – chant­ing the holy names of the Lord; wor­ship the Lord by of­fer­ing ghee lamps (diyas); wor­ship of Tulsi Devi; give char­ity; and per­form aus­ter­i­ties.

If you can­not ob­serve the above-men­tioned rules and reg­u­la­tions, then at least chant any mantra of your choice as much as you can dur­ing this pious month.

Whether you are ob­serv­ing a fast or not, it doesn’t mat­ter. You will still get man­i­fold ben­e­fits.

The fol­low­ing are ex­cerpts from scrip­tures (Pu­ranas) de­scrib­ing the glory of the pious Kar­tik month:

“If some­body per­forms even a lit­tle wor­ship of Lord Shri Hari in this month, He of­fers own abode.”

“If some­body burns a lamp in the tem­ple of Lord Shri Hari, even for a short time (in the month of Kar­tik), then what­ever sins he has ac­quired for births are all de­stroyed.”

“A per­son, who for the en­tire month of Kar­tik eats only once a day, be­comes very fa­mous, pow­er­ful and heroic.”

“O Narada! I have per­son­ally seen that a per­son who hap­pily reads the that devotee His Bha­gavad Gita in the month of Kar­tik does not re­turn to the world of birth and death.”


Avoid gos­sip this month. Get up early.

Wor­ship Tulsi Devi.

Light a clay lamp.

Take an oil bath at this month. least once

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