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4 Strange fel­lows start tast­ing some­thing left over (7) 8 Win over a viper left to be moved around (7)

9 En­gaged in bat­tle owing to learner hav­ing been in front (7)

10 Large fe­line is eas­ily first to treat one as a celebrity (7) 11 Sin­gu­lar aroma moves around lead­ing vendor with boiler for tea mak­ing (7) 12 Pos­si­bly send down and fi­nally speak with false emo­tion (6)

14 Princess is com­ing back with iron and clay pig­ment (6)

18 Still un­de­cided with poor re­sult (7) 21 An­other get-to­gether con­cerned with mar­riage (7) 22 Is­sue from where the last per­son dined (7)

23 Ask pas­sion­ately to cen­tre at­ten­tion else­where (7) 24 Rides to dif­fer­ent place for a class of drug (7) 1 A per­son worked dili­gently when put to prac­ti­cal use (7) 2 False lead from strange code en­emy fi­nally used (5) 3 Sat around dif­fer­ent line pro­ject­ing out­wardly (7) 4 An­ti­quated set be­ing moved in most years (6) 5 Made run around for am­bi­tion (5) 6 Make more cheer­ful with unattain­able new line event (7)

7 Starts turn­ing up data on royal fam­ily rul­ing Eng­land once (5)

13 Strange men got a pic­ture com­posed in pieces (7) 15 In­stalls in po­si­tion in shafts ac­com­mo­dat­ing pipes (7)

16 It may fi­nally fol­low a last word in pub­lic fa­cil­ity (7) 17 Con­curred with a com­mon char­ac­ter fault (6)

18 Steady push for a print­ing ma­chine (5)

19 The three wise men turn on fi­nal life stage of an in­sect (5)

20 One who in­flicts mone­tary penalty can be bet­ter (5) be­fore most of

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