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JAILED hip-hop star Molemo Jub Jub” Maarohanye has allegedly become another victim of notorious celebrity relationsh­ip wrecker, tender tycoon Edwin Sodi.

Sodi, who was accused of ruining the marriages of Sibusiso DJ Sbu” Leope and hip-hop artist ProVerb last year, has fathered a kid with Jub Jub’s girlfriend Matsatsi Rampa.

The Gauteng-based businessma­n allegedly impregnate­d Rampa about four years ago when Jub Jub was already languishin­g in the crossbar hotel.

Sodi, who has kids with former Capricorn FM presenter Nthateng Lerata, confirmed he sired a sprog with the former presenter.

Matsatsi is the mother of my kid, you can go ahead and write whatever you want to write,” he said angrily.

Rampa, who once won the Miss Personalit­y Award at the Miss Teen SA contest, said: I don’t want to be involved. Why are you calling me? Speak to him (Sodi). Why are you speaking to me?”

Pressed about whether the award-winning star knew that she was Sodi’s baby’s mama, she said: Please stop calling me.” Lerata said: You should speak to me about anything that has to do with me, and speak to him (Sodi) about anything that has to do with him.”

Jub Jub’s manager Jeff Marhanele declined to comment.

I don’t talk about Jub Jub’s private life,” he said.

News that Sodi sired a tyke with the hitmaker s girlfriend was revealed by two prominent personalit­ies privy to the businessma­n’s private life.

Sodi has a child with Matsatsi and Jub Jub is apparently not happy with that. We wonder what will happen when he comes out of jail in December,” said one source, who did not want to be named.

Another personalit­y confirmed that Sodi rattled Rampa’s reproducti­ve net and when the child was born he informed his

family and Lerata about it.

He informed his family and Nthateng about it. She was so embarrasse­d that apart from stories that he broke Proverb and DJ Sbu’s marriages he fathered a child with Matsatsi. We know that Matsatsi has needs and couldn’t have possibly waited for Jub Jub to come back from jail but it was a blunder for Sodi to give her a child because this is a humiliatio­n to Nthateng,” said the personalit­y.

Sodi, who scored hundreds of millions in tenders, shot to infamy last year when he was accused of destroying hip-hop artist ProVerb s marriage by having an adulterous affair with his wife Onalerona.

The snappy dresser, who was recently awarded a R500-million tender to upgrade the Tzaneen dam in Limpopo, also hogged headlines when DJ Sbu accused him of ruining his marriage by having an adulterous affair with his wife Disebo Makatsa.

DJ Sbu and Proverb have since parted ways with their partners.

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