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The rule of law finally triumphed


The rule of law has prevailed and South Africans should celebrate that Jacob Zuma handed himself over for his incarcerat­ion. He has been acting in a delinquent manner, trying very hard to string along the judiciary.

What’s worse is that he has been arrogant in doing this.

Zuma somehow in his mind believed that he is untouchabl­e and can do anything he wants when it comes to his faith with the judiciary.

He got the taste of the rule of law. His strategy to portray himself as a victim of political conspiracy did not work for him. His advisors have clearly ill-advised him and now he must suffer the consequenc­es.

It is not true that there is some political conspiracy against him. It is also unfortunat­e that there are people who disregarde­d lockdown regulation­s to go and support him.

This means that they see the life of one individual as more important than that of the citizens of this country. It is too bad that the people who claim to be leaders are the ones doing this.

The Constituti­onal Court’s decision to jail him must be taken as a tough lesson to those who think South Africa is a banana republic and it’s laws are not worth respecting. This is going to strengthen our democracy as people will begin to take our institutio­ns seriously.

Zuma should have done this earlier, his political gimmicks did not pay off. Instead, they have landed him in a worse situation because his actions were only to please his supporters than the country.

At last, the rule of law has the last laugh.

Tom Mhlanga Braamfonte­in

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