Sunday World

I can smell corruption

- Jacob Pride Sedie Email

I would like to express my disappoint­ment at Deputy Minister of State Security and former ANC spokespers­on Zizi Kodwa for taking the masses for fools in saying that what he did smelled like corruption but it was not.

For starters, how do you get a loan of such magnitude when you claim that you don’t have a steady job for purchase of a luxury vehicle instead of maybe starting business because you don’t have a steady job?

Kodwa and his likes have been thriving on wrongdoing and blackmaili­ng companies who scored on state tenders to keep them in business since they ascended the corridors of power.

His article is a subtle admission of wrongdoing because you can read that he has a conscience.

Kodwa should also consider his position in government that you can’t have a minister who is consumed by financial mismanagem­ent and with opulence to be in charge of the country’s intelligen­ce.

I am worried that very soon he will be definitely conflicted and captured.

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