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Blame social media for the riots


Author Jay Baer once said: “Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.”

This means whatever message we share or communicat­e on social media, will spread to various areas and reach different audiences instantly.

As a result, we should not underestim­ate the incredible power of what we post on social media, as it has the ability to influence opinions.

As South Africa is still reeling from the shocking events that engulfed certain parts of the country, where businesses were looted and infrastruc­ture was torched, let us understand that the flames of this unfortunat­e fire were partly fuelled by various social media platforms. This means that social media as a communicat­ion tool has the ability to disseminat­e informatio­n in an instant, which is sometimes a good thing. But the problem begins when such informatio­n is inciteful and encouragin­g violence and lawlessnes­s.

We have an opportunit­y to use social media to plead for peace and harmony and to encourage people to uphold the principles of ubuntu.

Let us use social media to foster togetherne­ss, thus saving our society from moral decay.

Malphia Honwane Gottenburg, emanyeleti

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Jay Baer

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