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SA faces a pandemic of ignorance


I’m so angry at South Africans. What do we want?

It is time protesters say exactly what they want and stop hiding behind service delivery. Why do we always have to vandalise and disrupt the things we fought hard for?

Some of the protesters are not looking for solutions or answers to their problems. This is just a way for them to do what they always wanted to do.

There is nothing wrong with protesting, but why vandalise the very things we use on a daily basis?

We ask for schools, then we burn them in order for the government to give us water. Where is the logic?

We are in the midst of a stressful pandemic. Companies are shutting down and people are losing their jobs.

As if this pandemic is not affecting us enough, we created an even worse situation. Now companies are not shutting down, they are being burnt down, looted and left in a shambles.

What we lack in this country is not jobs or money. We lack common sense. We lack vision.

We went to school to get all the accolades, but not the learning. Our behaviour is very illiterate, uninformed and embarrassi­ng.

The most dangerous pandemic is not Covid-19, it’s ignorance.

People are looting not because they are poor, but because they want to.

Consolatio­n Mathebula Bushbuckri­dge, Rolle

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