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Name change in order


Duduzile Zuma-sambudla, you let down the country and brought Shwashwi to tears with your tweets. I hope you have sent condolence­s to the families of those who were killed in the name of #Freezumano­w.

TV presenter Lootlove will have to change her stage name or go back to her birth name Luthando Shosha until this looting issue in South Africa is sorted. We can’t have a celeb called Lootlove while it is still such a sensitive issue. Some would think you want to loot their relationsh­ips and take their lovers.

 ??  ?? Duduzile Zuma-sambudla
Duduzile Zuma-sambudla Lootlove
 ??  ?? Lerato Kganyago
Lerato Kganyago
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