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PWC warns of escalation in cyber attacks in Africa


PWC has issued a point of view on emerging cyber threats in the mining and manufactur­ing industries. The document focuses on emerging cyber threats affecting these sectors, with a focus on SA and other Africa-based organisati­ons.

Junaid Amra, Pwc’s Forensics Technology Solutions leader, said organisati­ons in the manufactur­ing and mining sectors faced a myriad of cyber threats and that many organisati­ons had not been paying enough attention to these threats.

PWC further warned that companies were also not prioritisi­ng the implementa­tion of the appropriat­e mitigation strategies, while threat actors were starting to take an interest in this space.

Amra said the tools and tactics used by attackers were designed to monetise their attacks. An example is ransomware that holds your systems or data to ransom.

“The nature of attacks in the mining sector have been focused on electronic payment fraud, industrial espionage and sabotage.”

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