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Young royals not being trained to lead


It seems to me (sadly) that King Misuzulu Zulu ka Zwelithini was not prepared for leadership.

The blame goes not to him, but to royal institutio­ns in South Africa.

I know that no one knew he would be the one to ascend the throne; any one of his siblings could have been chosen.

And this is where my difficulty lies. If anyone could have ascended the throne, then why did we not make sure that every single one of the next-inline generation was prepared for leadership?

Sadly, this absence of intentiona­l leadership preparatio­n is not exclusive to the Zulu royal house.

All our royal houses are in the same boat.

I know no examples of leadership training for next-in-line leaders among the Venda, Pedi, Tswana, Xhosa or Sotho people.

This is sad because every royal is born into leadership. The title prince or princess carries a responsibi­lity of leading and enhancing a people.

They should be taught leadership from as early an age as possible. It cannot be correct that because it is not known who will ascend the thrown then no one among the nextin-line generation is prepared to lead.

Lwazi Sikwebu

Randburg, Johannesbu­rg

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