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Artist must ensure ownership rights

- Gottenburg emanyeleti

I have observed with keen interest and disappoint­ment, the latest trend where musicians collaborat­e to produce a song and then end up fighting over ownership.

This has been happening for years and it has destroyed many working relationsh­ips between musicians. Just recently, there was a feud involving Makhadzi and King Monada over a song titled “Ganama”, over which both claimed ownership.

It got ugly in the social media as they publicly laid claim to the song, with each one giving a different account of what transpired with the song rights.

It sent multiple red flags regarding artists’ ability to interpret musical rights. It ended up a disappoint­ingly ugly scene, as both decided to release their own version of the song, much to the amusement and disappoint­ment of their fans and music lovers at large.

Another debacle was one involving Master KG and Nomcebo over the royalties of Jerusalema. Nomcebo stated that she was never compensate­d for her vocals. This was disputed by Master KG and his record label, Open Mic Production­s.

I think artists must sign a contract recording. It must be made clear who owns the song and what rights each party has over it. Malphia Honwane

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