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When did Nelson Mandela become Nelly M? What is wrong with these kids born in the 2000s?


Shwa was shocked to hear and read the things they were saying about former president Nelson Mandela on his birthday last week.

They were even calling the internatio­nally idolised humanitari­an Nelly M. This was after a girl went to Robben Island and posted: “What’s the fuss about the size of Nelly M’s prison cell and bucket? Y’all need to let Nelly M rest every year we celebrate him.”

“Why?” enquired another clueless one who should have known that Nelson Mandela Internatio­nal Day is not only Madiba’s birthday, but a global day in honour of Madiba, and was officially declared so by the United Nations in November 2009, with the first UN Mandela Day held in 2010.

“Us blue-ticking Nelly M’s birthday is the kind of progress I want for us as a country,” added another who has probably never helped anyone in his life.

Another obnoxious born-free claimed she was planning to sigh for 67 minutes instead of being helpful, while another added: “For me, it is the fact that Nelly M could forgive white people, and yet he struggled to forgive his wife.”

The disrespect for such a loved icon was appalling and embarrassi­ng because the rest of the world was watching South Africa, and its youngsters continued insulting him, to Shwa’s disgust, as Mandela is a prominent figure who shaped our history.

One even said: “Happy Birthday to the guy who lost all 18 of his boxing matches in his entire career - no draws, no wins - just straight losses.”

Obviously, Shwa loves a good discussion and a healthy debate, but these youngsters were insulting, and believed that celebratin­g Mandela was forced on them. So tragic.

One sarcastica­lly said: “Let’s keep fighting like he did in his boxing career.”

Another brazenly asked his followers on social media to “please promise we are not doing anything for 67 minutes on Sunday. I’m just glad we are not forced to celebrate Nelly M, cause he is not my hero.” While another added: “I love how we’re all mizing Nelly M’s birthday tomorrow.”

Some celebritie­s tried to diffuse the situation by laughing it off, like Khaya Dlanga, who expressed alarm that Mandela was called Nelly M.

Anele Mdoda came to Tata Mandela’s defence by posting a picture of her own father in a Nelson Mandela shirt saying he was on brand with the great former president.

Miss Soweto 2017 Busisiwe Mmotla wrote: “I still dream of the South Africa our struggle heroes fought for … It starts with each one of us … We have

the power to transform the world and be part of change.”

Happy birthday month Tata. We love you. The world loves you. There were a lot of good deeds done in your name locally and globally, from the poor to multibilli­onaires. You are still an inspiratio­n.

 ??  ?? Zozibini Tunzi
Zozibini Tunzi
 ??  ?? Busisiwe Mmotla
Busisiwe Mmotla
 ??  ?? Anele Mdoda
Anele Mdoda
 ??  ?? Khaya Dlanga
Khaya Dlanga
 ??  ?? Siya Kolisi joined the world to effect positive change in other people’s lives as part of his 67 minutes on Nelson Mandela Day.
Siya Kolisi joined the world to effect positive change in other people’s lives as part of his 67 minutes on Nelson Mandela Day.

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