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Families of crash victims need closure


Thirty-four years ago on November 28 1987, SAA Flight 295 from Taipei to Johannesbu­rg crashed into the Indian Ocean, killing all 159 passengers.

Those in the corridors of power during that time knew exactly the cause of this fiery aircrash.

They have all passed on, taking their secret to their graves.

Evidence shows that the Helderberg was transporti­ng war-related material to be used in southern Africa.

It is fact that SAA and other airlines were used to transport weapons of war, a clear violation of internatio­nal aviation laws.

Speculatio­n over the years showed that the cargo originaged in the US and was shipped to Taipei via Tokyo.

It is possible that foreign intelligen­ce services assisted South Africa in its war against the Soviet Union and its allies in Africa.

Some have suggested that had the truth been revealed, SAA would have been bankrupted under civil litigation­s.

Perhaps it is time for the truth to be told for the relatives of the crash victims.

The truth is still out there. The scope and depth of the cover-up is staggering, and many questions remain unanswered

Someone must still be alive to reveal the truth. George Washington, in a letter to Charles M. Thrustonon on August 10 1794 wrote: “Truth will ultimately prevail where pain is taken to bring it to light.”

One day, the truth will be revealed. Let us hope it happens in our lifetime.

Farouk Araie Gauteng

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