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Up close and intimate with DBN Gogo


This week, the Smirnoff Infusions hosted a small and intimate celebratio­n for DBN Gogo, who is the cover girl of the latest Glamour magazine. The event was held at Rockets in the northern ‘burbs of Jozi.

The liquor brand ambassador­s, Mbali Nkosi and Bobby Blanco, were also in attendance, as well as the usual guests who attend even the opening of a deep freezer.

Twitter celeb Phil Mphela briefly showed face before leaving to rescue another underpaid actor. Influencer­s came in numbers, but Shwa could barely recognise them because they look nothing like they do on their pictures.

Focalistic, dressed in Eskimo-chic, came to support his girlfriend. I know, right? Shwa was also shocked to learn DBN Gogo and Foca are a couple. Gogo kindly ask your boyfriend to check before he gets dressed whether he looked like he was suffering under that swag. Gogo looked phly in a black and white two piece. What is in that backpack?

 ?? ?? Phil Mphela and Mbali Nkosi
Phil Mphela and Mbali Nkosi
 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Focalistic came to support DBN Gogo.
Focalistic came to support DBN Gogo.
 ?? ?? Sportlight on DBN Gogo
Sportlight on DBN Gogo

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