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A salute to all the women in our lives


As we observed Internatio­nal Women’s Day on March 8, it is so sad that we were doing so in the midst of gender-based violence, femicide, discrimina­tion and other social issues that tamper with the concept of women’s emancipati­on.

However, my tribute goes to all the women who carry their families on their ailing backs without complainin­g, not because they are too strong but because they are the only hope.

Women who lose sleep over where to get the next meal to feed their children the next day. Women who endure all harsh words from people whose help they seek.

Women who had to step in and raise their grandchild­ren after death prematurel­y wiped away their dear children. Women who subject themselves to menial jobs just to put food on the table, thus sustaining their families.

Women who choose to smile to hide their inner pain just to instil hope and inspire confidence in the minds of their young ones.

Women who were there for us all from the first day when we did not even know our names.

Women who have seen it all, from abuse to discrimina­tion yet stood tall for our rise.

Women whose hearts have been broken countless times by those who suddenly realised they were not women enough for them. Women who want nothing from their children but just to see them happy and prosperous.

We salute those women and look up to them as role models.

They live their lives like a candle in the wind, yet shine bright like a diamond despite their predicamen­ts.

Malphia Honwane Gottenburg emanyeleti

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