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Tbo Touch has big plans for new ebike business

Electric vehicles the future of sustainabl­e transport, says DJ

- By Boitumelo Kgobotlo boitumelo@sundayworl­

Renowned radio host Tbo Touch considers starting his own electric bike, popularly known as ebikes. He wants to make a meaningful contributi­on in South Africa by keeping up with the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

Touch, whose real name is Thabo Molefe, believes the advent of electric vehicles will help fight the high price of fuel, and significan­tly bring the country closer to fighting the scourge of carbon emissions and the plundering of the earth.

The Touchhd online radio station director said the rising fuel prices had disadvanta­ged the country and pressured him to snub his love and preference for fast cars, forcing him to downgrade his enjoyment of his fleet and motoring lifestyle.

Unleaded 95 petrol had spiralled from R12.86 a litre in July 2017 to R26.74 a litre in July 2022 – recording a R13.88 a litre increase, more than doubling in five years.

However, it has been on the decrease twice over the past months. “I still love the four-piped machines. They are fast on the road, but petrol has become expensive everywhere, including in South Africa. It has been going down lately but the truth is the industry is changing and we need to keep up with the change by going big on electric cars and my

I still love the four-piped machines, but the industry is changing and we need to change

favourite bikes,” said Molefe.

“I am going to Tanzania soon because I was exposed to so many bikes, and most importantl­y electric bikes in that country. It’s unbelievab­le the number of electric bikes they have there.

“I want to check them out and see what’s important to learn about these bikes and how they can benefit our country.”

Molefe was quick to point out the huge impact Eskom’s power blackouts will have on the electric car and bike industry, and how the pressure on the primary energy source would increased significan­tly.

He said being a huge influence in the local entertainm­ent space did not mean he could not bring change aligned with 4IR as local artists must have some form of back up and income in the case of a situation like the pandemic that has just been experience­d.

“The entertainm­ent industry has not recovered fully but now artists are pressuring themselves to stage gigs in far-away places to make up for time and money lost.

“If we had back up and other things to focus on, we would realise it is not worth it to work ourselves into fatigue, just like many are doing at the moment.

“We should dream big and chase our dreams, just like I’m doing with this project of bringing electric bikes to South Africa,” he said.

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 ?? ?? Tbo Touch has fallen in love with the idea of ebike business.
Tbo Touch has fallen in love with the idea of ebike business.

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