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Boring bash but Anele is great


From the East I had to dash to my other event where songstress Anele Zondi was releasing a video of a song she recorded last year.

And lord-knows-howlong she waited before releasing the music video for her debut single titled Ingwe. Finally, she’s managed to do something about the song.

The TV presenter and baddie-turned-rapper Anele hosted her music video première at Black Panther Lounge.

I guess she was saving up for the launch all this time, hence she took so long.

To be honest, watching a paint dry would have been much better than attending. Nonetheles­s, she’s talented enough to get moi dancing along.

In attendance were the likes of music industry newbies Musiholiq,

Teddya and Banza. I also didn’t know them until I showed my face at this do.

Next time you invite me, ensure you invite less of your unknown family members and add more celebs. It makes my job easier. I can’t be writing about your groupie cousins.

Struggling businessma­n Lebo Gunguluza is the co-owner of the new Jozi venue as he rocked up with what appeared to be his new fling since his

wife left him with seven kids from past relationsh­ips.

Elements restaurant owner Teboho Twala showed face, armed with bodyguards. Drama!

I don’t see how a restaurant owner would be in danger unless he travels around with food and money, please balance me here.

This new spot seems to be a haven for businessme­n looking for hot Jozi slay queens. I hope it doesn’t turn ratchet and upholds its dignity and amazing cocktails.

We can’t wait to hear more music from Anele.

 ?? ?? Anele Zondo’s new release ‘Ingwe’ was introduced at Black Panther Lounge.
Anele Zondo’s new release ‘Ingwe’ was introduced at Black Panther Lounge.
 ?? ?? Anele Zondo is a talented singer.
Anele Zondo is a talented singer.
 ?? ?? Lebo Gunguluza
Lebo Gunguluza
 ?? ?? Musiholiq

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