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Mabote embraces property industry

Social media influencer wants to help transform houses into homes

- By Ngwako Malatji

Award-winning social media influencer Kefilwe Mabote is receiving intensive training as she prepares herself to venture into the multi-billion property industry in her quest to become a property baroness.

The fashion influencer has incorporat­ed a real estate and property developmen­t company, FEYTH, specialisi­ng in buying and selling entry-level to highend luxury apartments and houses to her business.

FEYTH also specialise­s in design and installati­on of interior decor.

As part of her preparatio­n to take on the big boys in the cut-throat property industry, Mabote is receiving training from a Joburg-based estate agency, Live Real Estate, which is imparting a wealth of erudition on her about the industry and its politics.

“We’re with Live Real Estate Agency for the early stages of our real estate journey as we work on obtaining certificat­ions and follow the procedures required by the industry, and we are empowering ourselves to operate independen­tly in the future,” said Mabote.

“We have work coming in from clients and this arrangemen­t allows us to trade and service clients while meeting the demands in the market, but our interior decor and installati­on services are in full effect under our brand FEYTH Properties.”

Mabote said venturing in the property industry has been an ambition she has been harbouring, and she is optimistic she will succeed because she is surrounded by people who share her vision.

“I’ve had my eye on the real estate industry for a long time. Design has always appealed to me. Beyond appearance, I have an eye for beautiful things and a knack for creating beautiful spaces.

“I’m privileged to be in a position where a personal project inspires individual­s while earning their trust to partner up and bring creativity to their homes. I’m also fortunate to be surrounded by people who understand my mission and vision and the value I desire for clients we encounter,” she said.

One never forgets the feeling that comes with owning your own home

Mabote said despite the challenges in the industry, the fulfilment of owning a property and turning houses into homes, nourished her passion and inspired her to help leave ever-lasting memories.

“One never forgets the feeling that comes with owning your own home. Let alone the individual­s helping to make it happen. Being on the one side [home-ownership] inspired me to pursue this life-long dream. Turning houses into homes is my favourite part of what we do in this industry.”

She said although she has found her new passion, she will not exit the social media space, where she establishe­d herself as one of the most recognised fashion influencer­s. “My work in the digital space will always be an extension of my life. The mission is the same even though things look different. Hard work never goes out of fashion, and you never lose when you go after your dreams.”

 ?? ?? Social media influencer Kefilwe Mabote is venturing into real estate and property developmen­t.
Social media influencer Kefilwe Mabote is venturing into real estate and property developmen­t.

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