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This gogo knows about parties


This past weekend, we received a special invite from famous TV personalit­y, businesswo­man and sangoma, Lee-anne Makopo, popularly known as Gogo Maweni.

The event, Ubungoma Traditiona­l Music Festival, took place at Constituti­on Hill, Braamfonte­in, Joburg, last Saturday.

It was only fair for us to attend since we’ve known each other since her slayqueen days.

It was the party to be at, and trust me when I say what happened was incredible.

Western type of food and traditiona­l dishes were all laid out for us, and umqombothi was the order of the day as the traditiona­l beer flowed non-stop.

The sun was out, but performanc­es by Nomfundo Moh, the Qwabe Twins and Sjava proved the power our beloved sangoma has. Nomfundo, I feel sorry for you because as the crowd was signing along to every song in your album, it simply means expectatio­ns are high for you to keep the momentum going.

The Qwabe Twins need to start hitting the gym or they will soon be categorise­d under what the people in Elsie’s call buruza.

It will be unfair of me if I don’t mention Somizi, as his Mcing runs in his genes. When people were starting to get drunk from the beer colloquial­ly called zamalek, you were on point, controllin­g every one of their moves. Oh, I finally got to meet Gogo Skhotheni, but her man didn’t attend. I think something is definitely up with the couple’s relationsh­ip. Something is really amiss.

Sjava, you know we love you but please try to be on time for your next assignment. We waited for you to take to the stage and as our safety was not guaranteed, security had to be beefed up, what with all those nyaope boys roaming around.

We just felt uncomforta­ble.

 ?? ?? Qwabe twins Viggy and Virginia
Qwabe twins Viggy and Virginia Sjava Somizi
 ?? ?? Gogo Maweni
Gogo Maweni
 ?? ?? Gogo Skhotheni
Gogo Skhotheni
 ?? ?? Nomfundo Moh
Nomfundo Moh

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