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Sharing riot stories touching


This past weekend was indeed not a busy one for Durbanites, so we took it easy. However, your number one lady in gossip took time to attend the opening of the biggest shoe store, the Kingsmead Shoes at the Springfiel­d Value Mart after it was looted in July last year.

More than 50 people have been jobless since the looting of the store, but this week were given another lease of life by being re-employed.

I wonder how they have been surviving the past few months, actually over a year, without an income.

In these tough economic times, I am glad all those unemployed workers got their jobs back.

Shwa is compassion­ate, you know, despite some thinking moi is mean.

Vuma FM presenter Jacinta Ngobese must start her own reality TV show where she can continue helping people.

She brought tears of joy to the workers during her speech.

She’s our version of Oprah Winfrey and must capitalise on it.

I like the fact that you are not hungry for fame, but you are just being yourself original.

While mingling, I was excited to meet Uzalo actress Thabisile Zikhali, you have grown ntombazane from being a model, video vaxx to becoming a seasoned actress.

You must teach other kids how to move on from being video vaxx because for you it doesn’t end there, you have other options in the entertainm­ent industry.

Keep being grounded and don’t let fame go to your head.

I also met Durban’s PR lady, Sindy Cele, and for a while I asked myself what your job descriptio­n really is because I am now used to seeing you at every Durban event.

I finally got the answer last year when you were heading DJ Hlo’s song of the year campaign.

Whatever you did to DJ Hlo to steal the song of the year on Ukhozi FM, please don’t do it again this December because we can’t afford to start a year with grumpy and unhappy people.

It was touching for a change to attend an event where people shared their unique stories on how the July 2021 looting affected them.

Some shared how they have been blackliste­d and are now not creditwort­hy after losing their jobs because of last year’s unrest.

Heartbreak­ing, indeed.

I just hope history does not repeat itself.

 ?? ?? Jacinta Ngobese
Thabisile Zikhali
DJ Hlo
Jacinta Ngobese Thabisile Zikhali DJ Hlo
 ?? ?? Kingsmead Value Centre opening night
Kingsmead Value Centre opening night

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