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‘Smash Afrika admitted Msaki affair’

Kefiloe Chuene found love letters by popular singer

- By Ngwako Malatji ngwakom@sundayworl­

Media and radio personalit­y Smash Afrika’s alleged abuse and adulterous affair with popular singer Asanda “Msaki” Mvana are at the centre of the collapse of his marriage to Kefiloe Chuene.

Sunday World can exclusivel­y reveal that Smash Afrika’s wife, Kefiloe, has accused him of cheating on her with popular singer Msaki, after she stumbled upon a picture of the 5FM presenter giving the musician a kiss.

And as if that were not enough, Kefiloe, the daughter of actress Rami Chuene, also found several love letters allegedly penned by the singer to the Massive Music presenter expressing her undying love to her husband.

Kefiloe has allegedly suffered emotional and psychologi­cal abuse from Smash Afrika, who also allegedly called her a “gold digger”, who together with her “crooked” family “conned” him into marrying her against his will.

The shocking details were revealed by one of Kefiloe’s relatives, who did not want to be named because she did not want to jeopardise her relationsh­ip with her.

Smash Afrika and Msaki ignored our phone calls and Whatsapp messages.

Kefiloe said she would talk about the incident at a later stage. “There is a protection order which prohibits me from talking to the media about these matters, but I will speak out one day,” she said.

Speaking to Sunday World, the relative said Kefiloe told them that her marriage started disintegra­ting three months after their traditiona­l wedding in 2020. “She told us he started throwing tantrums, telling her she was useless, and a gold digger and she and her family had conned him into marrying her,” said the relative.

The relative revealed Kefiloe vacated their marital house several times after growing tired of Smash Afrika’s abuse. “When she gave birth, they were no longer together, she had already moved out of their matrimonia­l home, living with her mother [Rami],” said the relative.

Before Kefiloe moved out of their house permanentl­y, he had sent her two long messages confessing and apologisin­g for abusing her.

The messages, which we have seen, read in parts: “I will stop manipulati­ng you emotionall­y and hurting you through invalidati­ng your emotions. I will stop emotionall­y abusing you. I will stop projecting my pain and stress in our household on you,” reads the message.

In another message sent to her, Smash Afrika appears to confess that he subjected his wife to abusive expletives. “I did use my dirty mouth to block you out and I regret that and sorry for using silent treatment as a tool. Sorry for stealing your joy through my selfish and childish tantrums.”

Kefiloe later discovered Smash Afrika was having an affair with Msaki whose real name is Asanda Mvana.

She found letters, alleges the relative, between Smash Afrika and Msaki in the media icon’s house in which the musician was expressing her affection for him.

Msaki’s letter, which she penned using her real name, stated that she was so smitten with Smash Afrika and undertook to always commit to him.

“The box represents a commitment to loving you ravishngly and holding communicat­ion, honesty, transparen­cy in high regard between us. As you know, I shut down in my previous relationsh­ip. I want you to know that I tend to fill this box, reflection­s, questions, offerings about us/ you/ me,” reads her letter.

Kefiloe also got an anonymous email, which stated that when she was in a meditation retreat in the Western Cape, the two were having fun at one of their rendezevou­s.

When she confronted him, Smash Afrika confessed he was cheating on her with the singer because she was a source of his peace and happiness.

“He told her, unlike her, Msaki makes him happy and gives him peace.”

The relative said Kefiloe told her mother about the love letter, the picture, and Smash Afrika’s confession that he was two-timing her with the songbird.

Msaki denied the infidelity and said theirs was a platonic relationsh­ip.

“Kefiloe told us that Msaki denied dating Smash Afrika and said she misunderst­ood their relationsh­ip because there was nothing going on between them,” said the relative.

The relative also explained why Kefiloe damaged items at Smash Afrika’s house. She said Kefiloe told them she went to Smash Afrika’s apartment to collect her household items and her baby’s clothes when she found him relaxing.

When she tried to take the clothes, Smash Afrika tried on several occasions to stop her. Out of frustratio­n, said the relative, she took drink glasses and threw them on the floor while yelling at him that she was tired of his abuse.

“She did not break any appliances in that house because the only thing Smash Afrika has in the house is a kettle and a laptop.”

Our source said Kefiloe told them that after she broke the glasses, she grabbed a stone and smashed Smash Afrika’s sister’s car window before breaking his bedroom window.

“This she did because he refused to repair the front bumper of her car, which he had damaged when he was using it to run his errands because he has no car of his own.”

He started throwing tantrums, telling her she was useless

 ?? ?? Smash Afrika’s marriage broke down after his wife accused him of cheating with Msaki.
Smash Afrika’s marriage broke down after his wife accused him of cheating with Msaki.
 ?? ?? Smash Afrika and Kefiloe Chuene.
Smash Afrika and Kefiloe Chuene.

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