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Just energy transition a colonial scam


For the optimal and competitiv­e industrial­isation of Africa, a comprehens­ive energy mix is urgently needed.

This, over and above the much-touted renewables minus nuclear and fossil fuel energy prescribed for Africa by the COP 27 as part of the just energy transition.

This agenda emanates from the neocolonis­ers, bent on keeping Africa an extractive economy, a storehouse of raw materials and an open market for their valueadded and finished products and services.

Who are these neocolonis­ers? Well, they are members of the ostensible human rights and democratic United Nations, and only they are the permanent five member-states of the UN Security Council: US, UK, France, Russia and now China.

A common thread binds them together, nuclear driven economies with the added mix of all manner of non-green carbon churning fossil fuels. Are they leading by example to denucleari­se, decarbonis­e and deindustri­alise?

Of course not, yet they are preaching and forcing this duplicitou­s nonsense on Africa as they continue to use fossil fuels and the so called dangerous nuclear energy that’s inappropri­ate for Africa.

Renewable energy is welcome, but it cannot be the dominant and a replacemen­t for the baseload power of nuclear that is urgently imperative for Africa’s industrial­isation and weaponisat­ion to leverage as an instrument of balance of power.

Africa and the African Union must by all means navigate to the position of the permanent five member-states of the UN Security Council.

Malusi Mncube

University of Johannesbu­rg

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