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Cheating is a nasty affair

The Sonia Booth incident brought me flashbacks

- Vusi Nzapheza

Last year I found myself in the middle of a social media storm. Whoever took the video was fortunatel­y an amateur. Canny as I am, I managed not to appear on the footage.

It was an easy Sunday morning. The previous night, his wife refused to encamp and go home. I was gracious enough to accommodat­e her and give her my bed.

The next morning earlier than I would normally be awake, he arrived and enquired about her welfare.

In my groggy state, I assured him his wife was safe and sound, in my bed.

Big mistake, it turned out to be. I offered him a peace offering and we toasted. As we sat on the porch, his main concern was the whereabout­s of his spouse.

When I finally summoned the courage to recall her, he lost his mind and control.

The brother let loose and became a monster.

In my mind, I had assisted a distraught woman who needed shelter. In his convoluted mind, his wife had given away the family jewels.

Between me and you, dear reader, indeed I had sown her oats. It’s called a moment of weakness.

A question arose from the brother. Did you chow her?

I beseeched him. Would you believe me when I told you that I chowed or did not chow, I asked.

Baffled, he was.

That’s when all hell broke loose. When she reappeared, he lost his mind. I found myself trending on social media because of a video footage taken by abo-marata-helele.

Although we were not caught red-handed, I found myself in the tenterhook­s of

coupling. I vowed never again and so far, so good.

When Sonia Booth chose to out her husband Matthew’s infidelity on social media, it brought flashbacks. It’s par for the course that the Booths’ dirty linen has been hung out to dry.

Matthew cheated and she has perfume and cheesecake evidence to prove it. On a long-distance trip with my crew, the Booth topic arose.

Morero says Sonia had

no recourse for her angst. He says in a kraal, there’s only one bull, catering for the reproducti­on of all the female cows. In the animal kingdom, that’s par for the course.

A man will stray, and society will not judge.

When a woman strays, it’s a different story altogether.

Cheating is the name of the game. Lucky are those who never find out. Lucky, because what you don’t know won’t hurt you.

 ?? / Gallo Images ?? Sonia and former Bafana and Mamelodi Sundowns player Matthew Booth in happier times
/ Gallo Images Sonia and former Bafana and Mamelodi Sundowns player Matthew Booth in happier times
 ?? ??

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