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No show by some of The Wife cast members a no-no

- Thando Thabethe

After a long layoff from attending TV premieres, yours in gossip headed to the last official launch of Showmax’s telenovela The Wife down at the Inanda Club in Sandton on Wednesday.

Shwa was underwhelm­ed by the previous launch, but this time I think the team went all out since their last dance.

The theme of the day specifical­ly said Polo Chic, and as usual, some just didn’t bother to adhere.

Thando Thabethe did the honours of being the official host.

But girl what was happening underneath your dress?

Clearly, you’re not the best ambassador for your shapewear ’cos it wasn’t working for you.

It’s true when they say talent runs in the family, Shwa just wanted to let the clueless know who the telenovela leading lady’s father is.

Gaisang Noge is the middle child of Dosto Noge and dad is a real gem from Simunye: We Are One era and still looks yummy.

It was awfully sweet to see him come out to support his daughter. And he is as humble as yesteryear.

But there was a dreadfully awkward moment with some of the cast members missing.

How rude, Khanyi Mbau, Abdul Khoza and Zikhona Sodlaka, you could have made an effort to show face.

Spotted Stoan, Mo Setumo, Lungelo Mpangase, Wiseman Mncube, Kwenzo Ngcobo, Mbalenhle Mavimbela, Lerato Kganyago and Thuli Phongolo, all jovial but avoiding cameras.

What is it with our celebs and camera shyness, or is it just camera avoidance?

And as for former cast member Ishmauel Songo? He tagged his girlfriend along and Shwa has some advice for you. Your plus one couldn’t keep her hands off Kwesta while he was performing. Next time you bring her to events, make sure she does not act like a groupie.

As a matter of fact, this applies to all the brothers making it a habit to bring their groupie girlfriend­s to events, acting like celebs but are star-struck groupies.

Girl was so pleased to see the new cast, but pressure is on for extreme drama this season.

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 ?? The Wife. ?? Mbalenhle Mavimbela
Kwesta performing at the official launch of Showmax’s telenovela,
The Wife. Mbalenhle Mavimbela Kwesta performing at the official launch of Showmax’s telenovela,
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Thuli Phongolo Stoan
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 ?? ?? Kwenzo Ngcobo and Gaisang Noge
Kwenzo Ngcobo and Gaisang Noge

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