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Black Coffee backs Que DJ’S maiden gqom fest


Finally, I have recovered from the huge hangover I suffered from Saturday’s drinking spree. It was one of those busy weekends marking the end of the year.

Give it up to the people of the province of Kwazulu-natal, they know how to party, and bhabhalise­d as they might be on Mondays, they diligently report for work.

It was a matter of knowing where you wanted to go and party, as there were five big events taking place in Durban on the day.

It was one of those unforgetta­ble nights as Destructio­n Boyz member Que DJ hosted his maiden, We Don’t Play The Same Gqom Fest, at Durban’s Greyville Racecourse on Saturday night.

Shout out to Mzansi’s DJ Black Coffee, now residing in the US, and his family for being in Que DJ’S corner, and making it possible for him to stage his first music event.

He made a success of it after Black Coffee came through for him. He is said to be dating Coffee’s younger sister.

I was told Durban’s number one event organiser Dogg DBN was part of the organising team. He did his best to make the event remarkably lit, so did DJ Tira, ensuring he still stands his ground.

Don’t lose this project; it will sustain you in future besides you making moola as a producer and DJ.

It was refreshing to see a mixture of gqom artists, hip hop and amapiano exponents all under one roof. Whoever started this movement of mixing all popular genres must be commended as artists are benefiting and everyone is getting bookings left, right and centre.

I realised the gqom movement is not dead. I remember with the advent of the amapiano movement, many thought the originally Durban genre would die a slow death.

For the uninitiate­d, let moi break it down for you: Dladla Mshunqisi is still relevant with his gqom sound, Destructio­n Boyz are on top of their game, despite rumours doing the rounds purporting the duo has broken up.

I watched the rap group Witness The Funk with keen interest. They are together again. Pity one of the members was nowhere to be seen. Many believe he is fighting depression, with numerous KZN newspaper headlines screaming “depression”.

I was fascinated by Okmalumkoo­lkat’s performanc­e and his contributi­on to the gqom movement.

KZN must be proud of having talented producer and DJ Thukzin, his gqom sound is vastly different from the rest.

Bello nogallo of the the Khulanini dittie fame are back, this despite being involved in a car accident on their return from their performanc­e in eswatini last week.

AKA, DJ Lesotho, Coffee, Goldman, set the house on fire, and moi was happily tired.

 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Dladla Mshunqisi
Dladla Mshunqisi Goldmax
 ?? ?? DJ Tira performs at the We Don’t Play The Same Gqom Fest at in Durban.
DJ Tira performs at the We Don’t Play The Same Gqom Fest at in Durban.
 ?? ?? Okmalumkoo­lkat
 ?? ?? Black Coffee
Black Coffee
 ?? ?? Que DJ
Que DJ

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