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Top tycoon claims GBV activist crying rape in bid to extort him

Tebeila seeks protection order against Sibisi

- By Ngwako Malatji ngwakom@sundayworl­

Prominent businessma­n Timothy “Tim” Tebeila has opened a case of extortion against anti-gender-based violence (GBV) activist Sihle Sibisi after she allegedly threatened to open a case of rape against him unless he pays her.

Tebeila also obtained an interim protection order against Sibisi, the founder of Kwanele Foundation, at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court last Tuesday.

In the protection order, which Sunday World has seen, Tebeila, the founder of Sekoko Group of Companies, said Sibisi, whom he met at a church in Nigeria, has accused him of raping her and wants him to pay her for her silence.

But Sibisi would not have any of it, denying the claim. Speaking to Sunday World, Sibisi insisted Tebeila allegedly raped her and other church members at deceased Nigerian pastor TB Joshua’s church, Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan), but denied she wanted financial compensati­on for her silence.

“Why am I extorting him? This guy, what nonsense is this?” asked a fuming Sibisi. Asked if she was aware about the interim protection order obtained against her, she said no one had told her. “I think what he did is trying to cover his a**. He is trying to silence us. Tim knows the truth ... All I wanted from him was an apology.”

She said she has “recordings of him conceding that he raped her. “I have never asked him for money. Tim was TB Joshua’s righthand man. TB Joshua did not only rape me, but multiple other women too. It is not a claim, Tim knows the truth” she said.

Tebeila said Sibisi wanted him to extend an olive branch for violating her, but he refused.

“Sihle Sibisi, is [a lady] that I know from church. She was an usher. She has since left the church, I did not know her whereabout­s until she called me with the allegation­s of rape. She requested for apology. I refused because I do not know of the allegation­s that she is accusing me of. Whatever she is accusing me of never happened. She called me and said I must apologise financiall­y. On November 14 I went to the police station to complete an affidavit against her and today I went to open a case against her,” reads the protection order.

Tebeila said Sibisi was among the women who testified against Bishop Bafana Zondo who faced allegation­s of rape at the CRL commission. “She has a track record of extorting people for money. I do not want her to do the same to me. I want to prevent her from damaging my reputation,” reads the order.

Sibisi has been summoned to appear at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on February 8 next year to show cause why the protection order should not be made permanent.

In the Whatsapp text messages Sunday World has seen, Sibisi claimed that Tebeila and Joshua violated her when she was at Scoan. She also claimed Tebeila also raped her at his apartment in Cape Town, in the Western Cape.

“Mr Thibiela evening. Today I’m reminded of how you sexually violated me at scoan in Nigeria & in your v.a waterfront apartment in Cape Town (sic). I’ve always wanted to get my closure but each time I try you block me on ur phone etc (sic),” reads the message.

“I’m older now & I no longer fear anything hence the birth of kwanele foundation. I was victimized holistical­ly by TB Joshua, you & others at Scoan. I’ve lived my life fearful. I’ve lost family because of Scoan. We were prostitute­d, in the name of god (sic). I’m older now & I trust God for healing within me,” she wrote on Whatsapp.

Tebeila confirmed he had opened a case of extortion and defamation against Sibisi but referred us to his lawyer, Jeff Rahlagane, who said they were not shocked by Sibisi’s conduct.

“It is a campaign to smear not only Bishop Zondo but everyone who is perceived to be close to him,” said Rahlagane.

 ?? ?? Businessma­n Tim Tebeila has opened a case of extortion against anti-gender-based violence activist Sihle Sibisi.
Businessma­n Tim Tebeila has opened a case of extortion against anti-gender-based violence activist Sihle Sibisi.
 ?? ?? Anti-gender-based violence activist Sihle Sibisi.
Anti-gender-based violence activist Sihle Sibisi.

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