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Kiss potholes goodbye, says RRS’S Mabasa

Company develops cold asphalt product

- By Bongani Mdakane bongani@sundayworl­

South African road users are frustrated by how prevalent potholes are, with the country’s road infrastruc­ture falling into disrepair without a solution in sight.

But with the advent of entreprene­ur Arthur Mabasa’s cold asphalt, a clean and green component for resurfacin­g roads, we could be on the road to a permanent solution to deal with the nuisance of potholes.

South Africa’s failing road infrastruc­ture has been a headache to motorists and insurance companies alike due to the damage potholes cause to vehicles and the role they play in the high number of road accidents in the country.

Mabasa, born in Chiawelo, Soweto, and his partners plan to assist national and provincial government road agencies with a permanent solution to our deteriorat­ing road infrastruc­ture.

Mabasa is the co-founder and CEO of Revolution­ary Road Solutions (RRS), a company he establishe­d in 2014. RRS is based in City Deep, Johannesbu­rg east.

“We started this business after I discussed the plan and our prospects with my partners. My co-partners are Andrew Dipela and Eugene Taylor. We started the business after Eugene came up with the intellectu­al property,” says Mabasa.

“Since all three of us had ambitions to start a business, we noticed there were many shortcomin­gs inherent in the convention­al methods and materials used in road repair and maintenanc­e. This saw us develop a stronger formula, which is unique from the convention­al materials on the local market.”

Mabasa says in 2010, parliament commission­ed the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to address the dilapidati­ng state of our country’s roads and fortunatel­y the study complement­ed and cemented RRS’S dream to be part of the solution.

“We realised the available cold asphalt failed to address the findings by the CSIR.

“As directors of RRS, we did our own research to determine the best solution to manufactur­e and produce cold asphalt.

“We are the only manufactur­er of cold asphalt developed from scratch using our own methodolog­ies and technology to produce the best material for our clients,” he says.

Mabasa says RRS had to invest in a big way to deal with compliance, regulation­s and standards required to bring the best in the business of road constructi­on, which is highly regulated. “We had to develop a niche market. Pothole patching was a low-hanging fruit, but we took the initiative and brought out our A-game to manufactur­e the best cold asphalt in SA.

“With our vision we want to help the government rehabilita­te our roads. We started by rolling out our products on the market and so far, things are looking up,” says Mabasa.

“We started with smaller projects to test the waters, and we are now rolling the cold asphalt we manufactur­e and do the actual road repairs.”

Armed with a Bcom accounting degree from the University of Johannesbu­rg and a Bcom honours qualificat­ion in financial management from the University of Cape Town, Mabasa, a former vice president of Nafcoc in Johannesbu­rg, says it was not a walk in the park for him and his business partners to reach this milestone.

“When we started, we were funded to get going, so we had to make it work.”

 ?? ?? Arthur Mabasa and members of his team at Revolution­ary Road Solutions
Arthur Mabasa and members of his team at Revolution­ary Road Solutions

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