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Maskandi festivals need fresh faces and artists


It was a week of dancing in the rain as we honoured an invite to the inaugural Annual Ukhahlamba Maskandi Festival hosted at Bergville Sports Complex in Bergville, KZN.

Talking about the floods, it was raining cats and dogs. Luckily as Lady Shwa is a lover of finer things, I’m glad I was given special treatment by Themba “Teejay” Mthembu. He made sure we were all well looked after, but ascertaine­d moi was comfier, as a special guest ... of course.

Teejay is one of the underrated PR and marketing gurus around KZN and does his job diligently and silently, along with his friend Mhlengi “Gah” Ndlovu.

Just a little advice, Teejay, the next time you stage another maskandi event around KZN, book that girl called Modelkazi Dlamini as the stage MC. She’s the next big thing. I must admit I’m getting tired of attending maskandi events week in and week out, only to see one and the same artists and the same faces in the audience. It’s tiring seeing Khuzani Mpungose, Big Zulu and Mthandeni Manqele at every gig

I’m a guest at.

Give others a chance to shine, please!

It was refreshing to see legendary artists Thokozani “Somnandi” Langa being well-received by the crowds.

I have to say your songs elicited the Zuluness in everyone in attendance, some started doing indlamu (Zulu traditiona­l dance) in the rain. Others went as far as doing the Zulu dance called Isigekle, so it was lovely seeing people singing along.

There is a new generation of maskandi followers, something that made me realise why the younger crop of musicians are successful. The usual beef has been thrown out of the window and the business to release music is on top minds.

If you listen to their latest offerings, there is message, not the usual mocking, and they can dance, proving they have talent in abundance.

I’m talking about the likes of Muntuyenzi­wa, Mdumazi, Sminofu, Njoko and Umlandelwa. Let me put it out there, they are the future of maskandi, and judging by the way they support each other, they are destined for greatness.

 ?? ?? Thokozani “Somnandi” Langa
Thokozani “Somnandi” Langa
 ?? ?? Themba “Teejay” Mthembu
Themba “Teejay” Mthembu
 ?? ?? Modelkazi Dlamini
Modelkazi Dlamini
 ?? ?? Umlandelwa
 ?? ?? of their
of their
 ?? ?? Sminofu
 ?? ?? Njoko
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