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Try Ten Flags for perfect holiday treat

- By Boitumelo Kgobotlo boitumelo@sundayworl­

The end of the year holiday season is upon us and what better way to take a break from 12 months of hard work than indulge in indoor and outdoor family adventures.

Based at the small farm of Karusel in Rustenburg, in the North West, Ten Flags Amusement Park offers a wide range of activities for parents and kids, not forgetting taking extended family members along.

At the sound of an amusement park, thrilling rides are the main attraction because the dominant theme of this vast space is to be engulfed by country life for anyone wishing for a retreat from the bustling city life, just for a moment.

And one of the attraction­s is the desert favourite activity, camel riding, and to my surprise, I found it effortless to

ride a camel compared to horse riding. It moves so slowly but the ship of the desert was easy to mount. At least I learnt it was important to lean slightly to the side as camels get up with their hind legs, then to hold on tight to the paddle when it rises on the front legs to get you at least two meters off from the ground.

While riding it, I was told not to make eye contact or make it sense my fears. Since it was my first time, getting off was just an experience on its own.

Naturally, I experience­d high levels of adrenaline pumping, an exhilarati­on for a junkie like me, however, the camel ride was nothing of an elation compared to the everyone’s preference – quad biking. It is most adrenaline junkies’ thriller, as this is how to start it all on an outdoor activities’ day.

You can alternate quad biking with go-karting to accommodat­e other family members, plus children just love it.

A must-do on my next visit would be to test drive the branded Ferraris at the entrance of Ten Flags.

There is also the recently launched an educationa­l and fully functional Upside-down School, aimed at delivering entertainm­ent education to pupils on block visits.

The school has classrooms, lab rooms, computer rooms, a library, a principal’s office, a bathroom for pupils to refresh after indulging in activities.

 ?? ?? Upside down school at the Ten Flags.
Upside down school at the Ten Flags.

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