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Slenda Da Deejay knows how to bring the house down


Tuesday was one of the craziest partying days, with former Afrotainme­nt dancer-turned profession­al DJ, Slenda Da Dancing Deejay, making us take off our heels to dance the night away at the famous Cappellos in Morningsid­e, Durban.

Capellos was packed. You would swear it was on a weekend. It was as if the brand new gqom album by Slenda Da Dancing wanted to remind us that indeed of amapiano music landing in Durban.

DJ Boonu, the one who has rebranded himself to DJ Swidi, kept delivering his amapiano EP released late last year. Remember though, DJ Boonu, the brand is famous in the Durban kwaito circles after you worked with Big Nuz and the Gqom Revolution Boys.

DJ Merlon of the Koze Kuse fame was also spotted. I swear Merlon, KZN is not the place to be when you have you a vision of growing and travelling the world. Merlon, KZN will never grow your brand, you will end up playing in places like Kwajoe’s Tavern on Russel Street in the CBD.

I came across DJ Sjerere and it dawned on me, DJS invite their friends to such dos. Madanone and dancer Siqaqa, whom I believe was there to support his former dance mate Slenda Da Deejay, also made their presence felt.

Then, there was the music video shoot of gqom artist Dladla Mshunqisi in Kingsley House in Ballito, north of Durban. I have to say I will no longer attend their music video shoots since they lack creativity.

Mshunqisi was shooting the vid of his latest offering called Inokushona Phansi, and to my surprise, it was the same theme, pure white outfits reminiscen­t of those old wedding music videos.

I tried to find their creatives to give them my two cents’ worth, but alas. We know times are tough, but DJ Tira and your team, please stop it with those fake weddings.

Moi was all smiles to see the ever-smiling DJ Happygal and Mshunqisi’s friend, the newly signed Sizwe Mdlalose. All DJ Tira’s artists were there to support the host.

I met TV host and actress Ntando Duma’s baby daddy, Junior De Rocka. The guy looks super-hot, and my heart melted when he was being a gentleman and poured me a drink.

Then there was this guy who kept asking about Duma as if

they were still together. I just walked away because Junior looked irritated as much as the guy meant no harm.

There was also Sbo the Durban influencer, seated next to DJ Tira and being cosy as they chatted. You would swear there was more to it than meets the eye. Business deals, maybe? Unless people were making it up, I understand, the cool, calm, and collected rapper Beast has moved from Durban to Midrand, north of Joburg but more than anything your presence reminded me of rapper Mthinay’s diss track. Are you still hiding behind others’ music?

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Slenda Da Dancing Deejay
DJ Sjerere Slenda Da Dancing Deejay
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Junior De Rocka
DJ Merlon Junior De Rocka
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Dladla Mshunqisi
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