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Rising actress Myeza says famous mom freed her to choose her path

‘I knew at high school I wanted to be in the arts’

- By Mbalenhle Zuma Mbalenhle@sundayworl­

Sibongile and the Dlamini actress Yolanda Khwezi Myeza says she does not feel pressure from her parents, but it is others who are putting pressure on her simply because her mother is in the entertainm­ent industry.

Myeza is the daughter of Durban-based businesswo­man and broadcaste­r, Zanele Mbokazi.

“My parents have always told me I need to live my life. They are big on what you as an individual want to become and making that dream come true. They help by supporting me.

“It has never been a thing of I did this so you must do that, I have never had that pressure from my parents.”

In an interview with Sunday World, the 24-year-old Myeza this week said she is a young passionate filmmaker who was lucky enough to get into the industry and was now living her dream.

“The passion and love for the industry started at a very early age. By the time I got to high school, I already knew what I wanted to do,” she said.

When the time came for her to choose her career path, Myeza said there was not even a conversati­on as to what career she would pursue. Her parents already knew what she wanted and went on to obtain an undergradu­ate degree in acting at AFDA, the school for creative economy.

“I realised that it is more than just the acting that I wanted to do. Being at AFDA made me realise that there is so much more than acting.

“I don’t like focusing on one thing. I decided I wanted to diversify and pursue an honours degree in film producing.”

The future thespian said she felt film producing was what would give her a broader understand­ing of the arts.

“I did not want to be in a position where I’m an actress, but I have no understand­ing of what is going on, especially on set. Pursuing producing gave me exactly what I was looking for.

“In 2023 I started working on Umkhokha: The Curse, as a production assistant.”

Myeza shared she was not pushed by Mbokazi to get into the entertainm­ent industry, but she feels having her around her did expose her to a lot of things. “My mom was not in acting and when she did radio back then I was not even born. Her having knowledge about the industry did help because it opened my eyes a lot and gave me some sort of comfort.

“I knew I could ask her anything about the industry and if she did not know

I decided to diversify and pursue an honours in film producing

I would love to do a different show or even movies, I want to grow

something, luckily for me there are people she knows she referred me to.”

Myeza said her character Nomalanga on the Mzansi Wethu telenovela Sibongile and The Dlaminis was her breakout role and at the time she went for auditions she was working on Umkhokha: The Curse.

“It was absolutely terrifying to know that if the audition goes well my life would change and if it doesn’t, oh well. I did not hear from them for a very long time and assumed the worst, but eventually they called me, and I had to take a decision between producing and acting.”

Myeza said she is very different from Nomalanga but some of the similariti­es are that she is also a daddy’s girl, takes care of herself very well and is a go getter.

Some of her future career prospects this year is for a second season of Sibongile and The Dlaminis.

“I would love to do a different show or some movies. I definitely want to grow and challenge myself as a creative.

“I really enjoyed my time in producing but I realised it is very difficult to do both. There is a part of me that hopes that in years to come, when I have settled as an actress, I will take a bit of a break and have my own production company.”

Myeza said viewers of the telenovela can expect to be on their toes, see a whirlwind of emotions and major plot twists.

 ?? ?? Actress Yolanda Khwezi Myeza
Actress Yolanda Khwezi Myeza
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Zanele Mbokazi

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