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Soweto woman fights for R100k cut for house sale

Phokotje says agent blocked her

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A Soweto woman is planning to take a Mozambican foreign national to the small claims’ court after he allegedly refused to give her a R100000 share from a R600000 house sale he concluded last year.

Busisiwe Phokotje, 53, of Orlando East in Soweto has obtained a letter of demand from the Orlando magistrate’s court with the intention of serving it to Carlos Thomas Hungwang (47) in a bid to force him to pay her the R100000 commission fee he allegedly promised her after she managed to find a client to buy one of his houses.

According to documents, which Sunday World has seen, Hungwang concluded a R600000 house sale last month with Phokotje’s brother as the buyer. The house is based in Lenasia South Extension 4, Johannesbu­rg.

According to Whatsapp voice notes Sunday World has listened to and text messages exchanged between Hungwang and Phokotje between December 11 and December 20 last year, which we have seen, the Mozambican committed he would pay Phokotje R100000 if she managed to get a client for him for the house.

Hungwang denied he promised to pay Phokotje R100000.

Phokotje said in 2021 Hungwang told her he was selling stands and houses and asked her to inform him if she knows anyone who is interested in buying any of his properties.

Phokotje said last month she brought her brother as a client to Hungwang because he was interested in buying the R600000 property.

She said after her brother and Hungwang agreed on the sale of the house, she asked Hungwang how much she would get from the sale.

“I asked him how much am I going to get because I brought him a client to buy the house. He said I would get R100000 from the sale of the house,” said Phokotje.

She said after the sale was concluded around December 20, she called Hungwang regarding her payment and he refused to give her the money.

“I called him on that day [December 20] and he did not answer my calls.

“He sent me a [Whatsapp] voice note instead saying he cannot give me the money because he has an agreement with my brother and not me. He also said my brother told him he should not communicat­e with me.

“I forwarded to him [Hungwang] messages I got from my brother where my brother says I should get my money from him,” said Phokotje.

“Carlos also said he cannot give me the money because he still needs it to build certain things for the house he sold.

“After that I called him again and he did not answer my calls,” she said.

“I even sent him text messages, which he did not respond to. The following day I called him but my calls did not go through. I think he blocked my cell phone number,” said Phokotje.

Phokotje said on December 26 last year she went to the Lenasia South police station to open a case against Hungwang but she was told she cannot open a case because “this was an agreement between two people” and that she should get a letter of demand from court.

“I want all my money. He [Hungwang] is selfish and greedy.

“He is only thinking about himself. I am not going to call him. The law must deal with him,” said Phokotje.

Hungwang denied that he promised to pay Phokotje R100000 as a commission fee.

“I have an agreement with her brother and not her. The brother said I should deal with him and not his sister [Phokotje],” said Hungwang, before hanging up.

When called again, he said: “Tell her to talk to her brother,” before hanging up again.

When contacted further, Hungwang declined this reporter’s calls.

 ?? ?? Busisiwe Phokotje
Busisiwe Phokotje

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