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Has-beens and wannabes must just give us a break in 2024


As we enter the new year, gossip girl would like to thank all the gossip lovers for always being there to read the latest Shwashwi. As most of ya’ll are doing or have done, set those new year’s resolution­s and try to change your old habits and do something good as we enter the new year. Enough about the sob stuff, and Shwa is trying to be nice and all, and can we try to do better this year.

It is no secret that the entertainm­ent industry is dying but can we, at least this year, try and pull up our socks. Shwa is tired of writing about non-relevant people all because they are being shoved down our throats.

The likes of Skomota

Last year we had to settle and deal with the likes of Skomota, all in the name of being entertaine­rs. In fact, Shwa is curious to know what Skomota’s job is. Does he just do that dance of his and get paid for it? If that’s the case, it wouldn’t kill for Shwa to make a name for herself for something very weird.

Is Zodwa still relevant?

Can we not deal with the likes of Zodwa Wabantu, who is no longer relevant and is trying by all means to stay relevant.

Shwa understand­s that in Mzansi it is okay now for women to parade naked. Nobody gets shocked anymore. Let’s be honest, there is nothing that Zodwa offers besides dancing and showing off her bum and her private parts for all to see.

Last week she was trending for all the wrong reasons. According to scores of X users, she should not be booked for any future events after a video of one of her dances emerged online. Which sane person inserts a beer bottle inside of her punani for everyone to see? It’s really screaming “I’m sexually frustrated”!

Cyan, Cindy silly attention-seekers

There are people who trend week in and week out for stupid reasons really, such as Cyan Boujee and Cindy Makhathini. Are you girls okay upstairs? If it’s not sex tapes it’s tampons falling in clubs, crying for dead sugar daddies, etc.

All these things just make one want to cringe and wonder: Who are these people’s parents because Shwa is curious to know what they have to say about their children’s shenanigan­s. Perhaps Shwa is just being a typical oldie who still cares about people’s dignity. Or, perhaps, have parents become very soft as long as they get money from their kids regardless of how it is accumulate­d?

Unreal Housewives

Anyway, what is it with the Real Housewives South African franchise of constantly bringing people who are not even wives let alone housewives to the show? Isn’t the show supposed to take us through the paces as to what it feels like to be a housewife to a rich tycoon?

Honestly, Shwa does not even see why the show is called The Real Housewives. Next thing we might just as well see the likes of Mihlali Ndamase on one of these franchises.

The entertainm­ent industry really needs to take viewers seriously because we pay to watch these things.

Rumour has it that Zama Ngcobo will be joining the Durban franchise. Is this a tell-tale sign she may be making her comeback on the small screen? Just out of curiosity, what is it that she has to offer because we need drama, and not people who will be scared to bring the tea.

Shwa is proud of Annie Mthembu for allegedly not making a comeback in the new season because she was always going to be questioned about her husband’s affairs.

Certificat­ed rudeness

Mbaliyesiz­we Ngiba what a way to start off the year by embarrassi­ng yourself for everyone to see. Shwa is just shocked by the things that you kept repeating in the video. Who said security guards do not have matric or other qualificat­ions? Does it not occur to you that often people study and don’t get the jobs they went to school for? You are just being rude, and it now shows what type of person you are.

Where do you get the nerve to say people are getting paid R4 000? Who has ever asked you about your streams for that useless song of yours last year? I don’t even want to get into your acting career – it is not like you are the best actress Sahas ever produced. You could not handle a simple thing like Real Housewives of Durban because there was nothing interestin­g about you. Shwa is sick and tired of ce

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